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Excellent, loving , caring, and helpful group in many ways …..Lindsay is the most amazing, awesome, wise, has much knowledge, and she will help you on your path and journey –Melinda

This is a truly real amazing group! I’m not used to FB groups going deep! Oh man, I should have known bc Melinda referred me, but, I’m added to Spiritual groups all the time & most are nonsense (sorry to anyone that offends, it’s true tho)…this is a REAL group! —Cassandra Marie

This group is a sacred playroom for those who are Empathic and Intuitive Go-getters and big dreamers, looking for guidance on how to manifest their vision, get the clarity they need to breakthrough, and up-level their light. 

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If you want to know more about thriving as an Empath and Intuitive, you can sign up for free to the Inner Priestess Library. This library will help you thrive in your lives, stand in your light, keep up your energetic banks, and build a practice to align with deep soul-power and purpose here: http://bit.ly/innerpriestess

Community Groundrules:
* Go with compassion: I don’t expect to all always agree, but if we try to approach each through compassion we might just learn something about ourselves and each other. With compassion also comes respect, each person has the right and responsibility to decide what to believe for themselves, whether it’s religion, politics, morals, or anything else.

* Readings: This is not a reading focused group. But if someone asks for advice or clarity and you feel called to pull a card or channel a message, then go with your gut.

* Venting: We all do it. We all need it on some level. And in this group, we’re all sensitive, so we’re going to feel your feels right along with you. Try turning your situation around to ask a question or for advice, or even ask for a little light and energy to be sent your way! If don’t plan on following anyone else’s advice, then please think twice about asking. It’s a respect thing.

If you don’t like what someone is venting about or the fact that they vented, try to offer a compassionate response, otherwise keep scrolling or click to hide this person’s posts in your group view. Abuse of this will get you booted.

* Posting your blog articles, live replays, or podcast? Go for it!! We love learning here! You can post your best stuff about thriving as and Empath and/or Intuitive once a week!

* Promotions: Paid-for promotion and free offer promotions are on Saturday #marketday threads only. Make your offer personal! We’re sensitive after all, we’ll remember you best by how you made us feel!! And I want to you guys to get into the habit of shining and making offers, so that you CAN manifest your big vision! Money is not bad. Selling is not bad. We all deserve to uplevel our money game in a way that betters everyone!

Feel free to share into the group any fun stuff, articles, or high-vibe posts you find. Feel free to ask questions! Feel free to ask for light and support, this is about you getting the support and shifts you need to really start thriving and LOVING your sensitivities!

Daily Themes: change up from time to time as I am talking about different parts of empathic and intuitive pathwork.

To invite your friends to this community, send them a personal message with the link to join: http://bit.ly/magickbringersrising