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Dreamcasting your year instructions

Dreamcasting your year course

 Dreamcasting takes your attempts to create change to a whole new level of importance so that we are able to draw on greater energies…

Discover your Inner Magick

What be like if you got in touch with the Magickal Goddess within you and used her power to rule your life and choices?

Make Meditation your Bitch course

Stop feeling at the mercy of the world and take charge of your mental and emotional realms in a way that feels natural to you?
How long are you willing to wait in order to finally, consistently have ecstatic and effective meditative experiences in your daily life

Stormdancing emotional magickal healing

Life storms aren’t meant to break to you.

But once you see the storm for what it is, both the light and the dark, you can go from trying to burn down your life or hiding away from growth to leading the way to an amazing and healing life for all involved.

Coming soon..

Coming soon..


Super Secret Powers exists to help witchy women, free spirits, to master their inner magick, which consists of their spiritual gifts, their boundaries, and their innate power, so that they can write the book, start the business, get the promotion…whatever their purpose and passion is for her. 

That dream is the key to her becoming and the key to the greatest changes and magick she can bring to her life, her family, and this world.

Inspiration for Magick Bringers!

Having gifts and embracing your inner magickal self doesn’t come with an easy to follow instruction manual. But Super Secret Powers gives you the next best thing!  Not only do I do a steady streams of lives about development, but I also make sure you stay inspired and motivated to keep expanding on your path!

What's stopping your inner magick from flowing?

So many of us over 30 have grown up in a culture and religion that held so many mixed or negative stereotypes of the trustworthiness, intelligence, purpose of, and potential of girls and women. It’s time to break these stereotypes, create generational, familial, and cultural healing by creating the success and abundance we desire. 

It’s no longer ok to rely on our men to carry our finances (contributing to the stress related to toxic masculinity), to believe that to be a good mother is to be a martyr, to believe that the Universe doesn’t need us to take action, and to believe that staying meek, staying poor, and following the rules is the only way to be a “good” person.   

All of my programs deal with this level of soul healing, but if you need help figuring out where you might need to start or if you have questions about any of my courses or programs, then send me an email!

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