Dreamcasting your Year: Planning with intuition for magickal folk

Dreamcasting your year

How long have you been wondering when…

Whether you are looking to start your new year off a powerful note or trying to get your next 6 mos back on track, it’s never too late to start using your intuition to get your plans into Divine Timing so you can rock your flow. 

Intuition and your planning brain aren’t meant to be at odds with each other, and that is half the problem Creatives and Intuitives have with most planning systems out there.

And that leaves you feeling like there must be something wrong with you.

You know you want your dreams to happen, so why can’t you simply make happen?

Fall in love with who you are becoming

But what if it’s not you?

What if, it’s the way all the other teachers and gurus have been trying to teach manifestation and planning?

In fact, what if you already have a manifestation process and style that is natural to you, and all the techniques you’ve been stressing over have been what’s messing you up?

When you understand how your intuitive and creative process makes you a powerful co-creator, you will:

Get more consistent results, easily, organically, holistically…because you will in love with who you are becoming.
Feel more confident in manifesting and planning, instead of beating yourself up over every little “random” thing that used to throw you off.
Have a process that you are going to want to return to time and time again because it feels good to use AND it gets you results!

Dreamcasting is the only course that bridges the gap between manifestation, intuition, and planning to ensure
soul alignment AND results!

It's all about you and your patterns.

This is a system of planning that is meant to be fully customized for your soul AND planning needs. This isn’t about trying to fit YOU, the Divine soul you are, into a cookie cutter system.

It's truly holistic.

As in it actually accounts for all aspects of self, even the parts that get all whiny and full of resistance.  It does have you take a dive into all areas of your life, so it keeps the ALL of you (mind, body, soul, emotions) moving together in alignment with intent and purpose.

It's also a tool for enlightenment or awakening.

This planning system is based on concepts from LOA  (law of attraction), Vortex theory, CIM (Course in Miracles), and conscious practices. But it’s not about busy work. This is about you discovering the practices and habits, the Rites of Being, as I like to call them, that actually matter to your daily living that put you in touch with your spiritual center, Divine potential, and unlimited Universal Love.

Dreamcasting is not about sucking it up or other forms of self-torture.

Acceptance of shitty things does not have to suck, we don’t have to carry those ideas of “not good enough” or “there is something wrong me” around because we couldn’t make a planning system work for us or because our dreams didn’t manifest in the time frame we wanted to see them. This is about healing our ideas of how the planning process actually works for Intuitives and Creatives and learning to listen to listen your own flow above all else.

One of the best things about The Dreamcasting Your Life class…

The soul alignment process!

Manifesting and meeting your goals takes time and effort, and it can get so discouraging to never quite get where you want to go, day after day, and still hold the same energy, excitement, and hope that what you want to see is still coming your way. Dreamcasting takes our attempts to create change to a whole new level of importance so that we are able to draw on greater energies in order to sustain our daily and weekly change making, which is the key to easy and seeming effortless manifestation. Having that energy keeps us recognizing and diffusing resistance, proactively problem solving the obstacles that come up, and inflow for longer periods of time. This creates a change-process in your life that actually feels good, feels authentic, and keeps you excited about the progress you are making!
embody your dream

People rave about my teachings...

so what’s really stopping you?

Kym, Granyby, MO

I knew this all along but couldn’t bring myself to feel into it, own it and admit it out loud. I was a great excuse maker! I’ve taken responsibility for that, and I’m so joyed to report this past weekend I actually had a paying customer for a reading! I get paralyzed with fear and overwhelm, when I don’t grasp what I’m doing. You were sent to me, you have gone above the fear, I am behind you, learning. Not one person in my family ever really “made it” so to speak, I am the first to rise above the fear, I am the first to listen to the guidance and actually do something with it. I wouldn’t be shining if it wasn’t for all your loving, generous, patient help! You are an amazing woman!

Helen, Danbury, CT

What you said about being an empath has made me become brave to face my challenges. What you said about my dreams made me think clearly & it has opened a door for me to learn more about my gifts 😀

Erika, Fairfield, Ca

Lindsay is fantastic!!! You should try her! Try her! Try her! Try her! You will see how fantastic she is!! Amazing reading! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! She is fast and answer all my questions with her cards!! I will be back for sure! She will help you a lot! No more searching for others! Finally I found a wonderful lady after a long search in other websites nonsense!! Thank God very very very much! I found you Lindsay!! I hope you have a great birthday celebration soon!! Take Care! God bless you always!! Big hug in your heart! I will see you soon!

Sylvia, Harrisburg, Pa

She was incredibly accurate with everything, getting the situation down perfectly, offering amazing advice as well. I have yet to know what will happen but everything she said was true so I have faith. Thank you, Lindsay!

Bonus #1

Dreamcasting Expansion Pack 

All of our dreams have to be lived in the moment and it can be hard to connect to the energy and emotions. And if you aren’t in the energy of your dreams, it’s hard to manifest them or you keep getting mixed results. 

This additional bundle of courses and tools will help you get deeper into your energy and dreams so you can rise even during challenging times.

These resources will teach you to: 

Find consistent alignment and sense of personal energy, so you can boost your manifesting to the max!
Business planning tools for the metaphysical practitioner. Learn how to apply Dreamcasting to your business and promotional planning so you can have your biggest year ever.
Learn the Intuition skills you need to get the guidance you need when you need it!

$60 value…for FREE!!

When you get in on Dreamcasting, you'll get instant access to...

People loved the book form of Dreamcasting...

so I expanded on the book and took teaching the process to a whole new and personal level!

2023 planning event

Bonus #2

Welcome 2023 Energy Workshop

Are you ready to start a revolution of Inspired Action in 2023?
Snag this hour-long workshop, plus two workbook, before it gets put in the vault, to help you:

Discover the energy of 2023 and how it can support your manifestation and dreams!

Realize the high-level vision you secretly desire more than anything, because 2023 will require you to go go deeper than you ever have.

Start getting those up-leveled dreams down on the calendar in an intuitive and flowing way that will help you stay in the energy of your big dreams!

$49 value…for FREE!!

The Right Support is everything!

I’m not here to sell you on the biggest package of support when you’re not ready for the work.

There 3 levels of support I offer. 

Take a look at each one and see which resonates with your planning and manifestations needs right now.

Choose the level of Support you need!

1-1 Support Option
Limited Space available


Group Support Only Option


DIY Course Only Option



Most frequent questions and answers

This course is for creatives, intuitives, and empaths who are Unicorn Go-getters who are ready to start really manifesting and go for the big dream. Doesn’t matter whether you consider yourself a spiritual beginner or an advanced guru, this unique system offers a lot of in-depth mind and heart set work to help you get clear and get in inspired action.

While everyone should be in the manifestation and planning game to win in, if you feel you can’t use the course within 7 days of purchase, you can email me at lindsay@supersecretpowers.com for a full refund.

This course is designed for busy people, so there are short modules with easy to use worksheets to help get your intuitive planning going and flowing. There are over 6 hours of content in this course. You might want to go through it all first, and then start doing the personal work a piece at a time. There will be weekly help and support available in the Dreamcasting FB group and periodic events for extra motivation and support.

Your course access will be granted immediately after signing up.

Once you have signed up, you’ll be sent a “welcome e-mail” with access to your virtual program.

Please note that due to the way e-mail servers work, it could take up to 15 minutes to receive your welcome e-mail. And if for any reason it gets lost in cyberspace, you can send an e-mail to lindsay@supersecretpowers.com and my team will get right back to you within 24-48 business hours (usually sooner).

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