My Mission:

Super Secret Powers coaching believes that every person has the right and responsibility to discover who they really are, a vessel for Divine Source and guidance. I seek to help anyone come to a deeper self-knowledge, to find their seat of personal powers, and to feel empowered to live their life in a way that is best for them. I follow an energetic holistic model, where we seek transformation through raising personal vibration, self-understanding, alignment with true self and values, and radiance of personal power as tools for enlightened personal change and evolution. Because of the senselessly beautiful notion that people should do what lights up their soul spark, I offer a full compliment of coaching and supportive tools, coaching sessions for the individual and groups, books, articles, spiffy videos, and other products to help you find and start living from your Soul, the source of who you are.


 My Vision:

Super Secret Powers coaching seeks to support and empower anyone, no matter what their super secret power, style of learning, or their greatest challenges, to make the changes in their life that are best for them and their world, so they can raise their vibration and by the quality of their spiritual attunement, raise of the vibration of everything around them.