How to Stop Absorbing negativity

How to stop absorbing negativity

My whole approach to psychic self-defense is a bit inside out from what you might used to hearing.  While most sources will say that you need to begin building shields and incorporating filters into your energy system in order to win the battle against negativity, I think shields and filter are more detrimental to our … Read moreHow to Stop Absorbing negativity

The calling of wanting more

  Uncle Frank was a funny kind of guy who always felt the calling for a bigger and better life. When he passed away it got me thinking of the nature of wanting more and striving. Uncle Frank took some risky roads to “break the bank”, which is how described his goal to my dad … Read moreThe calling of wanting more

Expanding into your dreams: achieving without striving

  When I was realizing my dreams for my business,  I signed up for a course from an awesome teacher where I was learning and re-learning how to access my own Divine wisdom and use it to really refine my business process and understanding of my offerings. For most the program I struggled to really … Read moreExpanding into your dreams: achieving without striving

What that bad day really means

Today was a bad day. The Soul discomfort we experience on a bad day is a blessing in that it shows us where are out of alignment with Divine Love.

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