30 Positive things you can do to change your life

As I was browsing around today, I found an article espousing 30, seemingly simple, Positive things anyone can do to change their life. But the more I read, and perhaps I’m feeling a little under-powered today, the more I thought, “Well, that’s easy for her to say!” You can take a look at the original … Read more30 Positive things you can do to change your life

Never say never!



I guess this meme can be taken in a few different ways, but in any case, it provides validation.  It can really be summed up as never say never, and still have the same meaning.

The meme can speak to the ideas of hope, using fear correctly, and being brave enough to take a first step.

Always have hope that what you are striving for you can achieve, allow your fear to inform you where you need growth and balance, and remember, just because the road seems long and the destination far away, it doesn’t mean we will never get there or that the journey is what you needed.

What’s the problem?




Ok, maybe that saying is a little out there, “The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem.”

But honestly, most things in life are only has hard we think they are.  They are only as painful as we believe they will be.

I like to come from the approach, to borrow a phrase from business coach, Marie Forleo, “Everything is figure out-able”.   A solution is better than no solution, even if it’s not perfect….yet.  A small step is always better than never stepping out there at all.

Today, be brave enough to, at least, take a itsy bitsy baby step and then see where you stand!

A brief intro to energy medicine

For much of my philosophy and method, I rely on the principles of energy medicine. I also take my practice beyond just the mind-body-emotional realm, into the realm of the peronal energy systems. While current science has just begun to chart and map the energy systems of the organs and body, they haven’t been able … Read moreA brief intro to energy medicine

What would wonder woman do?

This is an awesome article about using the little thing in life to give you a boost or some added secret confidence. I know I use this type of trick to get myself into “my game zone”, whether it’s to go in front a judge, do some presenting, or get on a difficult phone call. … Read moreWhat would wonder woman do?

The Super Secret Powers Playlist

Some days it takes more than a few nice thoughts to get powered up, sometimes you just to rock out and let it loose! Here’s the Super Secret Powers playlist to keep  you charged up throughout the day!  There should be a little something here for everyone, but if you want to hear something specific, just leave a message in the comments! Don’t go heavy on love songs, unless they are self-love songs or can be construed as talking about one’s higher power…this is about keeping you focused on what’s best for you and happy with that!!

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Your power and guidance core, The Super Secret Powers Fueling system

  In order to have a good steady stream of secret super powers, one needs to have a full core of super secret powers fuel and a way for it be distributed, much like car a has a fuel tank and fuel injector system (the part that pushes the fuel into the engine). Like car parts, with … Read moreYour power and guidance core, The Super Secret Powers Fueling system

Super Secret Powers…Really?

Well, yeah!! Super Secret Powers are cool! And it’s super fun to say….you know you want to…say it three times fast..right now! Super Secret Powers Super Secret Powers Super Secret Powers Okay, this isn’t a self-help thing about learning to fly or how to develop your x-ray vision. This is about taking those things which … Read moreSuper Secret Powers…Really?

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