Wisdom in your pocket packages

Wisdom in your pocket package for chat or email

Are you on the verge of a spiritual awakening?

Hungry for clarity?

Trying to facedown a challenge on your own?

But don’t have the time, space, or inclination to jump a phone or video call?

About these packages


Awakening Support

Business and Launch energetic and mindset support

Ability mentoring

Purpose and soul path

Dream Interpretation support

Light Language transmissions

Energy Healing session

Staying in Power in Challenging Times

Major transformation or life shock in their life (a job loss or an unexpected medical diagnosis) and are feeling lost and confused.

Ideal for magickal folk who

Can’t make room for a video or call during your busy afternoons.

In the office all day and can’t openly discuss personal things.

Simply dislike being on the phone or on camera

Travels a lot

Busy house without a lot of quiet time

What this like?

Once you fill out the onboarding questionnaire we get started on the email or chat platform of your choice. I will pull from my whole bag of methods, experience, and magick to facilitate your healing, clarity, and shift.

How many questions do I get?

This isn’t like a hotline service where we have a limited time together and so only have time for a question or two.

You can ask many questions as you want within our time together. We can go as deep as you want or need, and you’ll have the conversation to keep!

Life begins at the edges of your comfort zone fiercely sensitive program

What these packages aren't for

For you to have someone at your beck and call, at the drop of a hat within the package time. This is meant to be a casual alternative to formal session work for those who just can’t make sessions fit in their life. You take your time to ask more questions, think about things, try out an exercise or meditation, do some journaling. And check your messages a few times a day and reply. 

I am available Monday-Friday (Weekends Excluded), for a set amount of hours which you will have a list of as part of your onboarding.


Note: This package is NOT suitable for dating advice, “when will they call me” scenarios, financial advice, or medical concerns. This is all about guiding you to wholeness, wellness, and soul alignment.

About me

Through my work as an Akashic practitioner, Reiki M-T, High dimensional energy worker, sound healer, Priestess, Channel, and even occasional medium, I am constantly amazed by the healing capabilities that exist within me and the world around me.

Beyond my spiritual journey, I am a proud mother of three and a rebellious grandmother. I have pursued diverse interests in archaeology, history, and even paranormal investigations. My passion for exploring the unknown and understanding the wonders of the world has led me to a life of fulfillment and adventure.

I hope to inspire others to follow their own path, connect with their spiritual selves, and live a life filled with joy and laughter. Join me in this journey of self-discovery and embrace the infinite possibilities of the universe.

Client Testimonials

The personal time I received was such a Wonderful & positive experience! I was informed of what I needed to hear and apply into my Life! I Definitely say, you won’t be disappointed. ~Love & Light
I knew this all along but couldn’t bring myself to feel into it, own it and admit it out loud. I was a great excuse maker! I’ve taken responsibility for that, and I’m so joyed to report this past weekend I actually had a paying customer for a reading! I get paralyzed with fear and overwhelm, when I don’t grasp what I’m doing. You were sent to me, you have gone above the fear, I am behind you, learning. Not one person in my family ever really “made it” so to speak, I am the first to rise above the fear, I am the first to listen to the guidance and actually do something with it. I wouldn’t be shining if it wasn’t for all your loving, generous, patient help! You are an amazing woman!
Wow!! Your sessions are really opening doors here to things I totally forgot! Things I never thought affected me are clearing on their own now. This is amazing! I have to say mine was amazing!! You are definitely blessed with this opportunity to work with Lindsay.
Andrea from a soul's journey with Andrea

Get the wisdom you need to navigate life’s complexities and live your magickal life to the fullest just by sending a text. 

Book your Wisdom in Your Pocket Package today and start moving forward with confidence again.

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