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Your intuition is a unique connection you have the Divine. 

There is nothing really cookie cutter about it.

From how your body and brain works to process and interpret the signals, to your personal experiences, to who you connect with guide-wise, to which senses are dominant within your holistic being….it’s all a completely unique to you thing.

Isn’t time to reconnect with your most authentic self, your Divine self, and feel that flow again with your abilities?

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Your ability to have amazing, consistent, and healing meditative experiences improves when you learn your authentic style!


What do I do?

Intuition and Spiritual Teacher

As an Empath and Intuitive, I love helping others come into their gifts, learn to manage their energy, and blossom into their purpose. 

I offer several courses, private coaching packages, and resources to help free spirits, creatives, and intuitive go-getters find center and stay there, so they can start manifesting their dreams! 

Board member of Sen-Taur.com

Coven member of Coven of the Northern Woods and Mountains


Dreamcasting (book)

Dreamcasting your Year course

Help! I’m an Empath…


Intuitive Healer

Master of Divinity

Akashic Records Facilitator


Reiki Master-teacher



Intuitive Reader

ULC Minister

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