Brand your Magickal Genius workshop

Create the blueprint that will Elevate Your Spiritual Brand to New Heights?

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Do you feel like you should be further along in your journey as a spiritual entrepreneur? Is your business not fully reflecting the deep spiritual essence that defines you? 

With Brand Your Magickal Genius Workshop, transform your business into a brand that deeply resonates with your ideal clients, ensuring they are eager to engage with everything you offer.

This workshop is a fit if you find yourself nodding to:

  • Creating a business aligned with the values and vibe of your spiritual work.
  • Wanting a community that buzzes with excitement about your offerings.
  • Aiming to build a brand that attracts clients ready to invest in themselves fully.
Branding your magickal genius for profit,, leadership, and a supported business.

Are you ready to stop wondering if you’re on the right path and start walking it confidently?

3+ hours of to get you the blueprint you need to align your soul and profits!
Lindsay Baldassano, a spiritual entrepreneur, at a cafe with a mocha and her laptop, working on her website. She the founder of the Mystik Web Society for spiritual small business owners, like tarot readers, reiki healers, and other types of metaphysical practitioners who need to learn the tech and strategy to make their web presence shine and make profit.

The Blueprint Covers

  • How to make sure you are talking to the right audience.
  • How to ensure your services, programs, and courses are compelling and resonant.
  • Building your business from solid foundations instead of survival mode.
  • How to make your message the focus of your business, instead of feeling like you are “selling your soul”. 

$47 Instant Access

the world needs your success, so join the mystik web society

Few business teachers and coaches understand the unique path you walk.

You don’t just want any coach, mentor, or teacher. You want someone who gets you and your business, someone with similar values, just further down the same-sh path.

It alwasy discourages me when I get into a container and find out that not only doesn’t the leader know what I do, but I have to explain everything all over again, each time, because it’s not their thing.

The idea that a general business coach can help in specialized niches takes away from the ability to get into the meat of where you are, what you do, and how you want to grow. 

You and your soulful business deserve more than that! Who has time to wait around till your paid support understands your practices enough to help you to get your audience to understand…right?!

Ready to make a real impact with your spiritual work? Start Building a Legacy with Your Brand Now!

$47 Instant Access

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