What to do when you’re unsure: Spiritual discernment for biz goddesses part 3

Learning a little discernment around your empathic and intuitive signals can go a long way to helping stay in flow and in attunement with your inner biz priestess. In part 2 of this series, we talked all about what it might feel like to get an intuitive “maybe” signal. In this part, part 3, we’ll dive … Read more What to do when you’re unsure: Spiritual discernment for biz goddesses part 3

Is your relaxation time sacred? –Practices that matter series

sacred relaxation

It surprised me that relaxation came up, as I plotted and planned out this month’s series “Practices that matter”. It hadn’t been my first choice. I thought perhaps I would talk more about centering, grounding, soul embodiment, and so forth. Things you’ve heard me talk about before. But as I lived out my practices, I … Read more Is your relaxation time sacred? –Practices that matter series

The top 4 blocks to Intuition

For this first section of this series. Really let this new idea of intuition sink in. If we are enmeshed, living in, breathing through this intelligent, living matrix of energy, if we are part of it, and it part and cell a part of us….How can we ever be disconnected from Intuition??

Signs you might be an intuitive

So, you’ve suspected you be an intuitive! Congratulations! Many don’t even make it that far for fear of being called crazy or worse. This is a highly personal journey, and eve if others can see it within you or that potential, much like the movie the Matrix, you are only “the one” if you believe … Read more Signs you might be an intuitive

Vlog: An intuitive mastery tip for when you can’t read your own potential

For being a knower, someone who knows things about the world and the people I meet, having the intuitive mastery around being able to sense out my own potentials can be frustrating. I know I’m not the only one out there! I’ve often heard those just budding in their sensitivities complain how their gifts works … Read more Vlog: An intuitive mastery tip for when you can’t read your own potential

Staying grounded in a whirlwind of inspiration


Whether you call them downloads, hits, or inspiration, it can be tough to stay grounded and centered when in the middle of psychic receiving. When I started with my first intuitive coach, I had asked her “How can you not want to run towards that beauty, towards those amazing feelings?” I feel like for most of my life I had been chasing them, even trying to force them at times.

Don’t forget to check out my video tip on staying grounded in the whirlwind of inspiration!

But my coach asked me…

Where is there to run to? Isn't it all inspiration there within you already? Click To Tweet

It was at that point that I began to feel my resistance to coming to center, and the sacred stillness there begin to melt. All that inspiration was always here, just waiting for me to still enough, centered enough, receptive enough to receive it. It had been me that had been doing the running, chasing, pushing, not the wisdom.

It was at that point I knew the importance of the dance we do in our creative and intuitive processes, of opening and then grounding, rinse and repeat in order to gain greater clarity into the wisdom that is there for us to receive.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you if it seems like these flow stop and start on their own. We tend to lose sight of the fact that these things are cyclical, ebbing and flowing. Yet we can come into a greater understanding of these flows, so we know how and when to best to tap them, without having to push, contrive, or otherwise manipulate our flows. The goal here should be a harmonious process that we can tap when we need to, being a willing participant in the ebbs and flows.

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