What is Light Language and how do you use it?

what is light language

Light Language is an ancient form of transmitting healing, messages, and clearing straight to your subconscious and energy bodies. It can take at least three forms written-drawn symbols, spoken/sung, or through movement. Light Language comes from the Divine and our Masters-teachers (even deities and ETs), allies, and loved ones and is passed through a person who serves as a channel. 

All you have to do to receive the light language transmission is get into a light meditative mode, so you can experience the transmission on a deeper level. You can even do it while moving around either doing something repetitive, like the dishes or taking a walk. You can get comfy and allow the body to relax in the tub while you do some light centering and grounding. Light language transmissions can even be received by falling asleep to them. 

It may sound crazy or too good to be true, but it works because this method of healing is created on the energetic level. A channel is really just expressing energy which they perceive with their psychic senses. Our spiritual allies can weave energy into packets of ideas, intentions, symbols, sounds, and even colors, so that this level of of guidance flows straight into the energetic and subconscious parts of you. It’s not something meant to be analyzed or completely understood by the logical awake self. 

Though when you think about it, all language, whether it’s spoken English or light language. Even common spoken languages can have a light language energetic component. It has been long held, that words are sacred because of the energy behind it. The same principle is true when taking in any form of recorded guidance. You might hear a phrase or see a triangle, but there is intention coded into each of things that bypasses our logical mind.

The best advice is to trust yourself and what you experience when taking in a light language transmission. You always know when something touches your heart, even if you don’t know fully why.


Honor your intuition and follow what moves you!