What are the Akashic Records?

What are the Akashic Records?

Most people will tell you that the Akash is the book of life, where there is information stored about your past, present, and immediate future potentialities. With this comes the idea that you will all sorts of past life healing when you do or receive an Akashic consultation.

But ask 100 partitioners this question, and you are bound to get 100 different and rather personal answers all different beyond the things talked about in the first paragraph. As with any type of intuitive healing session, what one practitioner receives or experiences is highly dependent on who they are and what their abilities are. Some people have an innate connection to an specific ascended master, arch angel, type of angel, or type of other entity, while others are energy movers and never hear words or concepts.

I am a high level energy mover and clairsentient channel. My experience of being in the records is more a feeling than a visual of being in a library. And because my intuitive brain defaults to using energy terms and analogies, the mental images I do get around doing work in and with the Akash can range from personal energy grids, energy grids connecting you to your oversoul group and other collective selves, or even energetic patterns-archetypes.


The more interesting question, is what can be done within the Akashic records field?

When working in the Akash I only connect with a certain “level” or function of being. They mostly label themselves as angelic, and further classify themselves as “structural” specialists.  From their perspective the YOU they read during a session is the multidimensional YOU. The you that is all at the same time, past, future, parallel, soul, oversoul, collectives. The information my akashic counterparts pull for me speaks to the fundamental nature of where you are now in your overall soul growth and embodiment. 

Usually my Akashic counterparts begin to come forward before a session begins and they help guide the process of getting you in a meditative and open-heart space. When I formally open the records, so that you can ask questions directly, I am in a safe and quiet space with my Akashic counterparts, almost like a virtual reality chamber or even a sensory depravation chamber.  

From that safe and sacred space my counterparts pull information, light codes, energy healing codes, phrases, concepts, practical exercises to try, and even some past life information all to help bring you further into embodiment of your multidimensional self. To my guides, the past is the past. It can help you realize the choice you have before you. But it is the present moment, that they want to be more concerned about. They provide whatever tools, techniques, and messages they can to help free up and clean up your present life energy, so that you can make more powerful choices and shifts in this lifetime and timeline. 

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