Expanding into your dreams: achieving without striving

expand into your dreams


When I was realizing my dreams for my business,  I signed up for a course from an awesome teacher where I was learning and re-learning how to access my own Divine wisdom and use it to really refine my business process and understanding of my offerings. For most the program I struggled to really ground the Divine Awesome Woo Woo messages down to something, like what to say in a newsletter or Social Network post.

It was those little things that I really off about. And I would hear the wisdom asking me to just keep calm, keep in center, keep up the daily practice of opening, filling up on source, asking, and listening. I knew in my heart that I was going somewhere with all of this, with rummaging around my creative process to find the right words, the right sentiment, the right…well, any sort of inspiration.

The more love we let in, the more love we have to work with and from. Click To Tweet


One of the first things the teacher talked to me about was staying in center. And my too-literal-at-times brain said “got it. I’ll sit right in my deep center and I’ll try not to move from there.” But as we were asked to do homework and challenges…well, that kind of action was so hard to do coming from a deep, centered, and, in my brain, a seated position. How do you “do” without striving? How to do create action and movement from the still center of being-ness?

The video below, I think, shows a mini-revelation to this predicament. Conditioning the body. Just like an athlete would, but for holding more light, more soul, more YOU. It should never be about moving from center to go and “do” something. It should be about expanding your sense of self, letting in more self and soul, to be expanded enough to encompass what we would like to do.


Sometimes that energy expansion will take some discomfort, some growing pains. We might have to integrate our “shadow” side or fears in order to gain enough presence to encompass our dreams and goals. And we might be afraid still, but the more we let ourselves into our bodies and into the world, the more clarity we will have of negative thought patterns that need to be healed, and more love for ourselves. I have come to see clearly, that fear and love cannot exist in the same place. The more love we let in, the more love there will be to work from and with. We will have arrived at our dream destination because we have expanded our capacity to love ourselves beyond our old limited thinking of who once thought we were.

And once that level of healing becomes habit, our Dreamcasting practices (my process for purpose and passion discovery, manifestation, and intuitive planning) gain an immense fuel tank. This shift allows our dreams to take off without us even having felt struggle, because the love we feel for what we are doing and how we are BE-ing with it all overshadows our worry, doubt, or fears.