Welcome to Dreamcasting your year!

I am thrilled and honored you decided to become a Dreamcaster, a conscious manifestor and creator of your Dreams!

The Dreamcasting your Year course is a self-paced holistic system to help you bridge the gap between esoteric thought, like the Law of Attraction, Spiritual guidance, and vortex states, and practical planning to get you results that are ever leading you toward your authentic dreams and Divine potential! Because this isn’t your run of the mill “who do you want to be when you grow up” kind of course, there is a heavy emphasis on how you are living your daily moments and choices.

It is in the NOW moment where our true and most authentic power lies, and it is where all your dreams begin. So while you go through the beginning sections of this course, remember that all these ideas and dreams have to be lived in the NOW and the next few NOWS from a place of empowerment and flow. If your big dreams feel a bit heady or heavy, bring it back to the NOW and how you will experience your journey today!

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