Super Spring Cleaning Challenge

Super Spring CleaningThis month I’m hosting a Super Spring Cleaning Challenge!  My power-up series, content, and newsletters will be geared toward making this Spring the one when you get your shit together and begin to doing the things you know you need to do for yourself! Each week we will look at a different aspect of spring cleaning, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. 

And, it you need help with your Super Spring Cleaning, you can always books an Intuitive Life Coaching session with me!

Week 1: Mental Spring Cleaning

 Video 1: What works?

Free resource: 8 tips to reduce mental clutter

Video 2: What doesn’t work?

Article: Your Super Spring Cleaning Action Plan

Video 3: What’s this year about?

Week 2: Emotional Spring Cleaning

 Video 1: Emotional patterns

Free resource: Emotional Spring Cleaning Meditations

Video 2: What are you resisting?

Article: Essential Emotional Spring Cleaning

Video 3: Re-evaluate Resistance


 Week 3: Physical Spring Cleaning

 Video 1:  Spring cleaning the home

Free resource: The best home Spring cleaning tips and Spring Cleaning for the body

Video 2: Spring cleaning for the home: sentimental keeping

Article: Super Powered guide for a Spring Clean home

Video 3: Spring Cleaning the Home: what’s your vision?


Week 4: Spiritual Spring Cleaning

 Video 1: Do you feel powerful?

Article: The quick guide to clearing your subtle energy system

Video 2: Where does your energy go?

Resources: Meditations for clearing your subtle energy system

Video 3: What makes you feel powerful?