8 tips to reduce mental clutter- Mental Spring Cleaning (w1d2)

Mental spring cleaningThis month I’m hosting a Super Spring Cleaning Challenge!  My power-up series, content, and newsletters will be geared toward making this Spring the one when you get your shit together and begin to doing the things you know you need to do for yourself! Each week we will look at a different aspect of spring cleaning, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. If you need help with your Super Spring Cleaning, you can always books an Intuitive Life Coaching session with me, free for a limited time!

Mental Spring cleaning is about cleaning out the mental cobwebs that have formed from sticking to the daily grind a bit too long.  It will look at spring clieaning your schedule, priorities, and life plan. Get started on reducing your mental clutter!

mental spring cleaning

Here are 8 quick and easy tips to reduce mental clutter!

  1. Clean up your email box: set up new folders, clean out old ones, unsubscribe to newsletters you no longer read, consolidate email accounts if possible, go through your spam folder and make there isn’t anything important in it, make sure all spam is going to the spam folder.
  2. Update your calendar, set new reminders, make sure standing appointment are up to date, set new reminders for look for birthday and anniversary gifts a week or so before the event. 
  3. Reorganize your bill system and make sure it’s up to date and useful to you!
  4. Review chores and house work system: delegate, review schedule to make it still works for everyone’s schedule, are there any ways to make things easier?
  5. Don’t forget to schedule Me Time on your calendar to get some peace and quiet!
  6. If insomnia from an overloaded brain is a problem for you look into some different methods to by-pass the nightly monkey brain!  You can try ASMR videos, try a new nightly sleepy time tea, or even set up a nightly ritual. For a nightly ritual is more about pampering. After the house is closed up for the night, I start my winding down routine. I have a variety of “tools” I like, and switch it up as I need to. Some of my sleepy time tools are meditation, tea and music, reading, writing in my journal, self-massage or yoga, a bath (just for relaxing), or even day dreaming (making up fun stories in my head to fall asleep to, that have nothing to do with my daily life or problems).
  7. Get your action plan for your life written out, (or painted, or sketched, or decopuaged, however you like to create) and know what your top priorities are. That way, you know what is the “little stuff” and don’t have to stress so much about it.
  8. Set working hours and non-working hours! Stick to those boundaries for yourself! Remember working hours is not necessarily equal to productive hours. Learn to take breaks when you are feeling stuck.


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