Subtle energy clearing meditations and resources

subtle energy clearingThis is the final week of my Super Spring Cleaning Challenge! This week I am asking you power questions all about your subtle energy clearing! For me, our energy is a direct result of how we live our lives, our spirit, our spirituality (note here, I’m not talking about religion). For me, spirituality and energy is all about relationships. We have built, keep building, and sometimes rebuild our relationships through out life. Energetic relationships to self and the outside world are just as important. There need to be flow, there needs to be clarity, and there needs to be light or fire in your spirit, spirituality, and in your relationships!

Today we have a bunch of meditations free from Youtube, to add to your self-rescuing super hero tool belt to help your self on track and flowing!

Chakra and Auric tuning and cleaning

If you want to go over each chakra individually, I love Aphrodite Stone’s charka series, which you can check out on Youtube here: Aphordite Stone’s Chakra meditations

Grounding Guided Meditation:

More advanced meditations:

The Flow


If you need help getting in touch with your energy system, then book an intuitive life coaching session with me today!