Mental Spring Cleaning– Video 3

mental spring cleaningThis month I’m hosting a Super Spring Cleaning Challenge!  My power-up series, content, and newsletters will be geared toward making this Spring the one when you get your shit together and begin to doing the things you know you need to do for yourself! Each week we will look at a different aspect of spring cleaning, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

If you need help with your Super Spring Cleaning, you can always books an Intuitive Life coaching session with me!

Mental Spring cleaning is about cleaning out the mental cobwebs that have formed from sticking to the daily grind a bit too long.  It will look at spring cleaning your schedule, priorities, and life plan. Get started on reducing your mental clutter!

Today’s video is about focusing on what the big changes will be for 2014.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel in order to improve the way our lives are working. So, let’s take a quick look at what we can work with from your answers on Monday and Wednesday!