The quick guide to subtle energy clearing

subtle energy clearingThis is the final week of my Super Spring Cleaning Challenge! This week I am asking you power questions all about your subtle energy clearing! For me, our energy is a direct result of how we live our lives, our spirit, our spirituality (note here, I’m not talking about religion). For me, spirituality and energy is all about relationships. We have built, keep building, and sometimes rebuild our relationships through out life. Energetic relationships to self and the outside world are just as important. There need to be flow, there needs to be clarity, and there needs to be light or fire in your spirit, spirituality, and in your relationships!

I call myself an intuitive life coach, instead of simply a life coach, because I blend some of the intuitive arts into my coaching practice. I have a deep love and affinity for energy medicine and sensing energies. I learned Reiki and received my first attunement in 1998 for an IHM nun. Thing only progressed after that and I went for my Master-Teacher attunement in 2008. For me the flow of energy in and around the body, and the flow energies through our world forms much of belief system. Science tells us that all the world is really just energy. People, other living things, and “inanimate” things are all energy that has been “frozen” into a cohesive pattern and habit of orbit. The light from of the sun is energy. The sounds we hear around us are energy. The colors we perceive are energy. What we touch and feel are the result of energy. Our brains are amazing things, they are organic energy interpreters. They take what we see, feel, hear, smell and so forth and turn it into something we know and recognize, or something we can learn more about.

I think energy comes before matter does, in the chicken vs. the egg kind of thinking about how our world is created. I think energy begins to intelligently form a pattern for matter to follow when it begins to organize itself. I think that energy pattern hold all of our potential within it. Energy and matter, however are not inseparable, they are part a whole system that we know as reality. For us, one cannot come without the other. I do not think we can heal people simply through energy alone, nor simply through physical means alone. This idea, also forms the basis for Traditional Chinese Medicine. Think about this, our physical energy is affected by the food we feed ourselves, our immediate environment, and also our internal health. Our physical energy is also affected by our emotions, our thoughts, and our spiritual well-being. If all of these things are balanced and healthy our physical energy would be abundant and we feel like we are glowing. But if there are imbalances in these facets of ourselves, then we have less energy than the ideal.

But what does energy have to do with life coaching? I believe that all life coaching should be done from the position of energy medicine. I believe the energetic model of life provides a life that is balanced for success, balanced for vitality, and balanced for longevity. I believe that when we plan for living a holistic energetic life through life coaching we are stepping into a state of grace that taps into our potential who we can be. Life coaching has a way of uncovering what it is we really need. It helps us get clarity about what is really important to us, the small stuff and big stuff. It honors our unique being, and so also honors our unique and sacred energetic pattern that we came into this world with.


How do I add more energy to my action plan though?

You cannot simply add more energy to an action plan. You need to add actions, tools, and different choices to your action, specifically those that honor and feed your internal and external energies. Many everyday energy tool and techniques for bringing a greater sense of vitality are things that will overlaps with other kinds of needs. For instance, exercise is good for increasing our feeling of vitality AND it is healthy for the body and emotions. Eating nutritious food on a regular basis, is good your mind, body, energy, and emotions. Being intimate with someone you care about is also good for your well-being on all levels (assuming here you have a healthy relationship with that person). Energy follows mood and thought, if you are feeling down or thinking thoughts that make you feel down, guess where your energy is going! We should be processing our emotions and not letting stay in our system to fester. Just the act of getting in touch with what we are experiencing feeling-wise, can begin to get our energy flowing again.


So how to do you know what kinds of energies to add when?

See article about clearing the Subtle energy system.

From my experience, energy medicine is much like going for chiropractic treatment, you get little adjustments over time. As long as you don’t strain yourself, between sessions progress toward healing is made.

I talk about ideals earlier in this article, but there is no one ideal I’m speaking of. We are not talking about energy provide or a handful of perfect template all people should aspire to. Each template is unique to the person. While some people might share some similarities on some levels of their template or even lives, what is good one person may simply wrong for another. This information is offered only so that You can get to know what it is YOUR energy saying to you.

Chakra How you might be feeling Things to help balance: tools, activities, affirmations
Root: Issues with survival and vitality Why do I keep doing this to myself (like failing to plan for something)? The world is passing me by. When I get this, I can do what’s right for me…
  • Figure out where you are letting fear hold you back.
  • What is keeping you from being part of life?
  • Go dance…even if not literally, how are you going to dance in your life?
Sacral : Issues with emotions and the past Why do I keep doing this to myself (emotionally)? Why can’t I just be happy? Why me? If only..
  • What’s really stopping you from acting from your place of happiness?
  • I allow myself to be happy and to allow that happiness to attract what I need and want into my life.
  • My happiness with my life is going to radiate out as I begin to grow more holistically healthy.
  • Go play!
Solar Plexus: Issues will power and power I am worthless. I am not good enough. I am not strong enough. I am not brave enough. On the flip side of this, is the judgmental: “I never want to be like “Them” and the “They are wrong, because they believe/think/feel this way.”
  • My power is my own and should be used to power my own life, and not to feed hate or feed other’s egos.
  • I have every right to exercise my power and choice in my own life.
  • Learn a new hobby or take some extra courses for work or personal development.
Heart: Issues with compassion and intimacy No one can or should love me. I don’t need or can’t trust anyone else.
  • Look to people who do love to remind yourself that you are loved.
  • Realize how you do rely on other through out your day, and aim for small improvement in that over time.
  • Care: do some community service pro bono.
Throat: Issues with communication and self-expression No one hears me. No one listens to me. What I say doesn’t matter.
  • Learn how to use your authentic voice.
  • Learn to say what you mean.
  • Learn to speak from your own power and authority.
  • Sing! What is your unique song that adds to the world?
Third eye: Issues with self-image, your vision of your potential and future I’m not pretty or good looking. I’ll never amount to anything good. I can’t…
  • I am a whole and vital person.
  • My life path is my own to walk, and there is beauty and meaning on it for me.
  • I can decide what is best for me.
  • See and understand: What is your ideal vision for your life and your world?
Crown: Issues feeling connected to the world around you, knowing you are a being of Divine or universal creation, issues accepting who you are fundamentally and who you can be. No one needs me. No one knows I’m alive. I’ll never be…
  • I am perfect in this moment.
  • Because I am part of the universe, I am never alone, and can receive help and guidance at any time.
Above the head chakras These are complex chakra dealing the Divine template we are all born with.
  • Periodic tuning of physical self to these Divine or Universal templates of ourselves.
Charkas at feet I can’t seem to get myself together. Why am I never on time?
  • Learn how to ground and receive energy from the earth and life around you.
Aura The aura is a collective reflection of who you are and what you feeling and thinking. It can appear different for every reader and every reading.
  • Needs periodic clearing and healing.


For a very through review of energy medicine, I should also be covering meridians and some principles of the acupuncture. However, I am not an expert on this. Each meridian is serves an individual purpose in supping energy from chakras and aura to our organs and internal processes, and energy all around the parts of the body. There many meridians and extra energy nodes, and this article would double is size if I attempted to explain it all. But here is an excellent resource on this topic, if you are interested.

Use this article along with resources on clearing the subtle energy field. Those resources, or one like it that may find along your way, are tool that can over and over again to get your energy flowing clean and clear again.


If you need help getting in touch with your energy, book an Intuitive Life Coaching Session with me today!

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