Essential Emotional Spring Cleaning–Super Spring Cleaning Challenge

Emotional clearingEmotional Spring cleaning is about clearing the HEART and FEELINGS from the past and getting handle on the fears and worries you have today or for the future. This article is part of the Super Spring Cleaning Challenge, each week is mean to build off the last.  If you find this article, then know you can go back book at look at the other weeks as well for a more complete program for Spring Cleaning your life, mind, emotions, your physical life, and your soul!

It is my firm opinion, that most people simply don’t know what to do with emotions. Emotions are a tricky beasty, we want the good ones, but not the bad ones. We want things to be tidy and simple, but most life situations rarely are. They can lift us up, and the others around us, or they drown us in their heaviness. A lot of people live and die by their emotions, they ARE their emotions.

But I call bullshit. Perhaps it was the way I was raised, but living from one’s emotions doesn’t mean we live on the high and lows of our emotional tides. It means we live from the CENTER. Knowing one’s life purpose, one’s Super Secret Powers, goes a long way to finding the emotional center, and knowing what it takes to keep one there and keep that center maintained. But this week we are looking at doing a little emotional cleansing in honor of our Super Spring Cleaning challenge.

The thing to remember, is that emotions and reality sometimes have little to do with one another. Uncontrolled or unsupervised emotions can trap up us in “what if…” thinking, it make you believe that that your emotions are the only that is real. But that thinking is inaccurate. Many emotions can be thought of as a needy toddler. They demand our attention, and if they don’t get the way they want it, they tantrum, they start acting out. And if we never deal how our emotions are acting out, it can become a life long pattern of behavior. Just like most people don’t want to raise ill behaved children, then they shouldn’t wish to keep ill-behaving emotional patterns, large or small. Most people know that when a toddler tells them there is a monster under the bed, that there isn’t, why should we believe our emotions so unquestioningly?

To use the questions we have been asking this week, answer these questions for yourself,

  • What issues seem to be recycling through your life?
  • What emotional patterns do you seem to keep repeating that you can’t seem to find a way out of?
  • Do know have any idea where these patterns came from?
  • When was the first time you dealt with that particular pattern? What were you thinking about at that point in time?

Emotional resistance, going back to our analogy, is when the toddler refuses to look under the bed to see if the monsters are really there or not. That resistance is based on fear, and only breeds more fear. Eventually, the toddler may refuse to be in the room alone at night as his or her fear grows. In time, when we don’t meet our fear, we develop behaviors, which are only make sense if we presume our fears are absolutely real and right around the corner. From a practical standpoint, fears are some of the hardest “emotional toddlers” to pacify, because they are so hyped up and they get us hyped up. Even thinking about what we fear or resist (your worst fear, the thing you think you would die over, if it happened to you) can get you so wound up emotionally, that it effects your holistic self, your mind, your body, and your soul. Right now, we are looking at how to separate out mind and emotions, so you can gain a little clarity, do a reality check. The mind can get quite muddled when fear runs your decision making process, so lets take a quick look at what things your mind has been trying to say, while your emotions might have been running their mouth.

  • In regards to those repeating issues, what are resisting doing?
  • What have you been resisting making a decision about?
  • What have you been putting off doing or deciding about because it seems to difficult emotionally for you to deal with or even overwhelming, mentally or emotionally?

Now one of the main goals of our Super Spring Cleaning Challenge is to get things back into order, tidying up a bit, and working a little better than they were before. So go through your answers at this point and see how you feel about some of these issues now. Remember, emotions are like toddlers, they may think there is a monster under bed, but now take a deeper look at what you your answers to these questions are.

  • Are these issues really scary, in reality?
  • What do your emotions tell you about these issues?
  • What does your mind tell you about these issues?
  • What does common sense or other’s experiences tell you about these issues?
  • How does your issues make your body feel?
  • How do your issues make your soul feel?

tumblr_n2kcghhYAo1qdsq0ao1_1280What you should be striving for is balance. You can’t lock away your emotions, just like you shouldn’t lock away a toddler. You have to work with it, you have to keep it in balance. Emotions carry messages within them, but usually not the whole picture. The whole picture can be arrived at when you look at how your issues effect your holistic self, your body, mind, soul, AND emotions. Emotions, like toddlers, should not be the captain of the proverbial boat. All aspects of your holistic self should have a voice in what you do and chose.

  • What steps could you take, big and small, that would bring you toward greater resolution for those recycling issues?
  • What would have happened by the end of the year, to leave you FEELING powerful and free about your self and life?

Think of some solutions for each of the repeating patterns you are experiencing in life, and ask yourself:

  • What does my emotions have to say about this solution?
  • What does my mind have have say about this solution?
  • What does my body say about this solution?
  • What does my soul say about this solution?

Don’t forget to add these solutions to your action plan, which we began to form last week! You can find the action plan and the action plan worksheets HERE.

And if you need further help, an ear to bend, or some validation you are on the right track, you can book an Intuitive Life Coaching Session at any time! It’s free for a limited time, so it’s a win-win situation for you!

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