A Super Powered Guide to a Spring Clean Home

Spring Clean home
What would be in your super-powered lair?

Do you have a Spring clean home?  Why not?  You pay a lot of money to keep your home or apartment. You hard earned cash goes to putting a roof over your head, but does it feel like home? Does it feel like YOU? What does your home say about you?  There are lots of guides out there to tell you how to clean. In fact, Tuesday I posted a sweet checklist to make sure you hit all the important things, Click to go to the checklist. But today we are going to talk about your home and private spaces from a much more holistic and energetic point of view.

A home should be about you and your family. It is your stronghold against the world, the home-base of your super secret powers, your fortress of solitude when you need it to be. I know from experience that in the bustle of daily life, getting kids off on their way, and making sure everyone is fed and in bed, that sometimes it feels like the home is a little more chaotic than the outside world. But the super powered home is meant to be worked at a little bit at a time, to reflected on, and talked about with the people who live with you. I am not a bit advocate of saying go with the latest trends and design. I love spaces that ooze individuality and creativity. Just as we are what we eat, we are where we spend time.

The energy of a place effects us, and we effect it. Everything is composed of energy in various states of being, our bodies, our things, our clothes. Everything radiates energy. Our bodies naturally know how to translate these energies into colors, form, sound, and so forth. It affects us, it makes us feel emotions, and think of things. It is my feeling that there is no reason why we shouldn’t be using these facts and abilities to our best ability. My friends and I call it zenning your space. It’s more than just making sure the décor is refreshed and cleaned up. It’s making sure the room, and how it’s used, has certain flow which lends to the whole of the home. It is only like Feng Shui in that we like to keep in mind how the energy will flow through a room, and the idea that each room is going have a certain function in the overall family life. Sometimes it’s adding more natural features, like fountains or gemstones displays, or even types of artwork or color palettes. Sometimes it’s adding a custom or creative organization system. It needs to be unique to you and your housemates, it need to work, and it needs to FEEL GOOD.

It comes down to how you need your space to feel, based on what you plan on doing there. For instance, my bedroom is focused on more dreamy qualities, the colors and artwork are softer and more blue-purple. While our great room is more focused on communication and entertainment. We are a little un-traditional in that our main room has no couch. Instead, we have a 10ft table, so we can fit everyone around it, people can work on projects there (and still be with the family), so we can have game nights with friends, and large family dinners. It suits our lifestyle. We have a much smaller room dedicated to video games, as most now are single player or one player plays with a group over the internet. The space suits our need vs. the space suiting convention, and promotes the activities and energies we need, from the artwork, to the color palette, to the décor and furniture position. It makes our spaces sing with their own voice that lends to our life.

sage bundle for Spring Clean homeThe first rule I have to making a space sing, is to make sure that you start with a clean energetic slate. I use white sage to smudge my home often, as emotions tend to leave a residue in places where they have been spent with force. There are a few handy and cools tools to use to cleanse a home in this way:

  • White sage smudge sticks (you can purchase some here: White sage from Dracowolf),
  • singing bowls,
  • crystals (you can purchase some here: Crystals on Dracowolf),
  • salt and herbal washes,
  • open windows and fresh air,
  • room fresheners that have use essential oils, like lavender, rue, rosemary, or even lemongrass.

Once the room is clean and peaceful energetically, it should feel like it’s breathing a sigh of relief or relaxation, you can take a look at how people naturally move through the room to see the flow of a room.

  • Are there unused corners?
  • Are there spaces that no one ever seems to go?

These would “dead” spaces, and there isn’t a good reason to have dead spaces in your home. Bring some more life to the room by seeing what you can do do re-use that space.

Then take a look at the more practical stuff

How can you organize a given room so that it suits your needs better?

  • Each space within a room?

  • Can it be used in more than one way?

  • Where does clutter build up?

  • How can you give that space more organization, so that it doesn’t become a messy clutter dump?

  • How does the rest of the family treat each space?

  • Can there be rules implemented about how spaces get used?

  • What would be the family’s vision or ideal dream, for this room?  Ask them, you might be surprised!


Are you holding on to things that no longer serve you?

  • Do you still use it?
  • Can it be creatively re-purposed? Like turning an old stamp collection that not worth much, but was your Grandfather’s into a piece of art, rather than keeping the whole thing stored away where you never look at it.
  • Are you keeping it purely out of sentiment?
  • Could you take a photo of it or have a painting made of and display at for sentimental reason, rather than have the object stored off in a dark corner?
  • Is there a friend or family who might like, appreciate, or use it?
  • Can you donate it? Museums, fundraisers, or even the Salvation Army or Goodwill stores?


Lastly, ask yourself,

What would make your personal spaces sing?

Don’t be afraid to defy convention! Don’t be afraid to go against the newest trends!

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