The best Spring cleaning tips for the home


This is the third week of Super Spring Cleaning Challenge, and we are now talking about Spring Cleaning tips for teh home!  A home is so much more than the place you live.  In the holistic model of reality, energy effects energy.  Our bodies, our things, our yards, all have some kind of energetic footprint, some more alive and breathing than others, but everything is still composed of energy, and the energy from your home and environments affects your energy and vice versa.  But now it’s time to fling open the windows and let a little of the new sunshine and breeze energies into your home and life.

 Here is a fabulous checklist to make sure you all the nooks and crannies in your home cleaned up:The imperfect homemaking’s ” A Thorough Spring cleaning checklist”

  For me, Spring cleaning isn’t just about sprucing up the curtains and un-dusting the furniture.  I like to take this time to re-evaluate my organization. After all, I’ve just spent all Winter cooped up in my house, doing all sorts of things to entertain myself and run my business, I should have an idea of where my clutter has overtaken my organization!

In the book and video series, “The clutter Diet” by Lori Morrero, you can find a ton of short videos explaining how to organize or clean just about anything. Here’s her video about the four F-words of organizing any room!

If you are the creative type you might this book interesting “Organizing from the right side of the brain: A creative approach to getting organized” by Lee Silber. I am one of those people who need everything out right in front of me, or at least easy to grab. I took a lot of his tips to heart and organizing things by projects or project types when I don’t have a specific project started. I may duplicate things that get used a lot, like types of glue, but I try to keep everything I might need for a specific type of project stored together in a way I can just grab and go.

And so long as you’re getting your flow back into your home and daily rhythm by organizing, you might as well see what Feng Shui tips you can glean from Rodika Tchi!  Feng Shui is an ancient art of using positioning of home and the elements of the home, including furniture and decor, to enhance the flow of god energies into your life, family life, and home.  Here is her video about how to apply some Feng Shui to your bedroom!

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