Spring Cleaning for the body

external spring cleaningIn honor of our Spring Cleaning Challenge, this week we are taking a look at physical spring cleaning, which also means Spring Cleaning for the body.  This quick tip guide will focus on ways to cleanse the body, and we will take a look at how to cleanse the energy body’s next week when we talk about spiritual or soul Spring cleaning.  A good body spring cleaning should be done from the inside and the outside.  Internally and externally, a little TLC can go a long way to making this Spring of your best yet.

External Spring Cleaning:

1.  The best way to get a good spring cleaning on the outside is to schedule yourself a spa day.  No one said you had to go to an uber-luxurious day retreat centers.  There are many quick and easy ways to use your tub and shower, with a few items from your local pharmacy, to get similar results.

Here are some DYI ideas for having an at-home spa day:

You can use this DYI from Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/421719952578296810/, to learn to make these your Spa day essentials.

  • Herbal bath salts: These can be used for a number of reasons including, aromatherapy for many ailments (like insomnia), soothing and softening the skin (especially oatmeal), and deeply cleansing and toning the skin.
  •  Mud masks: use to open up pores and cleanse them.
  • Body scrubs: use to scrub your body with to get rid of dead skin.
  • Turn up the heat: hot water is an excellent way to detox the skin.  You can either use the hot water to create steam, so in effect creating a sauna, or you can use it to shower with.  Be careful of scalding yourself and of dehydration.  If you plan to spend more than 5-10 min using steam or hot water, take a cups of water with some lemon in it to help keep you hydrated.  Additionally, use hot water and steam with care if you have any medical conditions affecting your heart or heart rate or glucose levels.

2. Get your hair done: trim, color, or change up your winter do, to give yourself a fresh look and take care of any dead ends or damage.

3. Dental exam and cleaning to get your choppers all shiny and protected!

4. Evaluate your skin care regimen.

5. Clean out your make up or toiletry stash and refresh it!  Don’t forget to replace old razors too!


Internal Cleaning:

All these tips should be done under the supervision of a healthcare professional!

  • Get a check up or physical if you haven’t had one is over a year.  Or don’t forget to schedule your next one!
  • Re-evaluate any prescription, herbal or supplemental regimens you have been on with your doctor.  Don’t forget to dispose of medications past their expiration date!
  • Cleanses/detox: There are many different types of cleanses and detox plans, so make sure you do your research and talk about it with your doctor first!
  • Get a Colonic: our body can store a lot of waste, and a colonic will help you get cleaned out.
  • Re-evaluate your exercise routines, priorities, and schedules.  Maybe you need a little more cardio, maybe if you’re stressed you need less cardio and more yoga, think about it!
  • Get a massage to help break up some of the muscle knots and tension stress could have left in your body!
  • Evaluate your diet.  Are you getting the vitamins and calories you need?  Are you overdoing it in one food group or another?  Where do your empty calories come from?

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