When the magic of the holidays isn’t so magical


As I’m writing this post, it’s a little over two weeks until Thanksgiving weekend, and a little less than two months till Christmas. I don’t have one present yet, haven’t set my plans for Thanksgiving, and already feel a little flummoxed about how to fit everything in! Most years I try to plan ahead, at least a little. I’ve picked up gifts throughout the year as I found interesting things for people I love and planned larger purchases on special sale days. I have a blended family, so we didn’t always get to spend the actual holiday days together, usually that meant we got to celebrate everything twice, at least! For years, to me, the holidays meant gearing up to be my most organized and thoughtful self.  Being sensitive and an empath, I knew not everyone put in as much energy, thought, and planning into having those specials as I did, but at the end of the day I usually felt okay that I did it. I appreciated it, even if others were less than appreciative.  I felt bound and determined to spread the holiday spirit even if I had shove my magic of the holidays glitter down their throats. The phrase “you’re going to be happy, whether you like it or not” comes to mind.  😉

Ouch, really? Is that any kind of magic to spread??

And while I still feel that compulsion to share, I know very well, and want to put out the reminder that the magic of the holidays isn’t about one day of the year, or gifts, or religion, or even family. It’s about us and the light we put forth. All circumstances come down to the light we, and others, chose to forth. This holiday season, I want to ask you

What kind of light will you put forth?

In spite of

  • all public places being wild with people of all sorts of energies, and maybe having issues with crowds
  • the rush of getting everything done in time
  • money concerns
  • non-stop christmas carols, tv programs, sales, and commercials driving one to the brink of mind numbing maddness
  • schedule  and routine interrupt, with no school, no work, and travel days
  • too much rich food and alcohol all at once, throwing digestive systems into disarray
  • too little sunlight
  • difficult and drama-filled family events, or no family to speak of to be with
  • still grieving or feeling down
  • getting burnt out and ill
  • not enough parking spaces, public bathrooms, or sales clerks EVER

how will you put the magic out there? How do you want to feel while holding this energy for others?