Vlog: Opening to the perfect moment!

Today I realized again how I was in the perfect moment. Just another day in the life of an intuitive, it just wasn’t the day I thought I would have. I thought maybe I’d get some work done, I’d have a client session, things would progress and then I would have dinner with my family. But those high energies of the last super new moon of year hit way high today. I’m working on a whole other level today, than I was yesterday. It certainly didn’t start out that way. It started out as grumpy that all my plans had gotten completely disrupted. But in that, I made a choice and a few minutes to listen more closely to the wisdom that was coming through. That inner knowing sprang forth so quickly and so completely today that for a while I felt I was running to catch up. And in even that, I listened closer. And then I became what was needed, and I saw how this was the day I needed to have, the perfect moment, the perfect timing. I don’t have a clear picture of what that means in the long term, but that isn’t needed. What’s needed is the openness to see that there is a bigger picture, a force shuffling things into place. And if I had stayed grumpy and resentful, I would have missed it. I would have completely overlooked the change that needed to happen in my own heart and mind.  But, Loves, the funny part is that this moment is not unlike all the others. Every moment has the potential to be this clear, this solid in knowing, this open to Divine timing and alignment. We simply need to choose it!