Tools and tips for tapping Desire

rumi133528 (1)This power-up is all about the DESIRE. Desire isn’t only about sex and romance. Desire is about wanting, longing, aching for something. It contains the seeds for life purpose, our Super Secret Powers. Desire is one of the powers of Love, potent, exhilarating, and always heart-felt. But it can consume us, if we let it. It can be innocent, but it can also be wild. What is your relationship to your deep, soulful, intense desires?

Today we’re looking at some tools and tips for getting in touch with your Desire and for maintaining a healthy relationship with your desires through tools for your super secret hero tool/utility belt!

Here is one of my ultimate desire tapping into songs, that I always turn to! Lord knows how Bono, just knows how to hit that chord in me!



I do not live in a bubble. My ideas and feelings and coaching work is inspired by  A LOT of things and people and books and songs and life moments.  Right now one of inspirations is Danielle LaPorte because she is insanely HOT! And I’m not talking about her appearance! She tells the white hot truth in her books Desire Mapping and The Fire Starter Sessions. My Desire worksheet, which is below this video, can be used along with this video! While a lot of my work incorporates her work, because when it comes to it, it’s the truth and I don’t’ mind repeating it over and over until the whole world gets it, you can check out her work on your own here:


And as promised, here is a new worksheet for discovering your Desires. Take as much time with this worksheet to get it right, so it feels good, feels powerful, feels like it resonates with you right down to your toes!

desire worksheet


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