Your new witchy business just isn't supporting you.

You just want monthly momentum + cash,
so you can get on with being magickal.

Imagine having a plan + confidence to run a business you LOVE to own, pay for, and grow.

Imagine having a following of fans who look forward to seeing and interacting with your brand of magick, so you don’t have to worry about being and doing ALL the social media channels and places. So you don’t scatter your energy and nose dive into burn out time and time again.

Imagine having a clear plan, that’s fun to follow, which gives you control over your business’s growth gas pedal  –so you can make bank without sacrificing your soul or energy to the busy gods.

Imagine knowing how to be a powerful transaction goddess, who knows how to leverage her time, her magickal energy, her passion, and her creativity into a business that supports YOU while also supporting others— even if there is a pandemic, even if your kids gets sick, even if, I dare say it, you go on VACATION!

What if it’s not about how good you are, the website, the newest fads in the sales world, having a million products, or what you look like, and more about you showing consistently to give a little magick back to the world while rocking and loving your inner magick?

What I'm going to show you is going to clear up those fucking blocks, get you back in aligned, powerful action, and LOVING your business!

The Rising Witch-preneur collective

A membership group for witch-prenuers ready to get fierce about their dreams and what it takes to manifest that shit in the real world, who are tired of trying to fit their sacred, magickal business into a cookie cutter and sick to death of those bullshit “ancient secrets of success”. 

flow with your inner magick

In the collective, you will:

What's included:

Monthly Live Q&A Channeling session in a private FB community

If your mind-heart-energy isn't straight enough for you flow, your business is going to suffer, your audience will feel it, and

Monthly Business Energy ritual

If your mind-heart-energy isn't straight enough for you flow, your business is going to suffer, your audience will feel it, and

Instant access to a membership library

You will get access to a library of resources including tons of videos, 5+ workbooks, and 4 mini-courses to help you find your authentic selling style and process so you can start getting results and build the solid business foundation that you need to start scaling from.

Weekly FB-Instagram post and Collaboration threads to get your engagement up and your business getting in front of new people

In addition to having our live channeled session in this group, you will also have

When you join the Rising Witch-preneur Collective, you will get:

Get in for only

$35 Monthly

$95 3 mos
- 10% off

$360 Yearly
- 2 mos free

Monthly membership is no commitment, cancel at any time. The 3 month and yearly commitments will only receive a partial refund of the paid amount, minus any upgraded 1-1 session or other deals. Email me at to find out what’s available before canceling.