If radiance isn’t your goal, you need to rethink everything!


I’m going to tell you a story, it’s my story. But really it could be anyone’s story, it could be your story. In a lot of respects, I always had a powerful life. It had ups and downs, I had ups and downs. I had dreams, wishes, and wants. They ranged from a good life for my kids, to taking a vacation, deepening my spirituality, and the big wish to have a lot more time and a lot more money. I was living the life that was there around me, only really thinking of the basics. And, like your life, there were blessings and graces in that. There were struggles too.


But it wasn’t until the very foundations of the life I built were shaken, that I understood the true essence of personal power and desire. I understood I was a slave to my emotions or circumstance. I understood that every moment I was breathing I still had the power to choose what I was putting out into the world. And that choice had power and resonance. But in order to keep choosing those things which had power and resonance I needed to start meeting my needs and desires on a whole other level than basic living.


The more I thought and wrote about personal power, the more I came to realize that it is soo easy to stay under-powered in life, to not make the harder, deeper choices, because we already are used to living on a low-powered lifestyle. I realized that while meeting my basic needs, do a little planning, a little budgeting, and so forth, could fill a lifetime with good things.  But I still needed something more, something more powerful, more meaningful. I realized that positive thinking and self-help systems created by others would never sustain the potential I saw within myself. I couldn’t get where I wanted to go, felt guided to go, if I didn’t find the Will to do it.


We all have power and we all have desires, it’s universal. We all want things for ourselves, and we all need to be affect our world and lives in some way. But living from our place of power and desire, shifts the way we think, it shifts our energy and radiance. It shifts our lives and how think about living. We transcend “getting by”, and start carrying an energy and radiance about us that resonates with the Divine, with the universe, with Creation. Through building and maintaining our power and desire we feel:









A life full of :









Spiritual and emotional evolution



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living from our place of power and desire, shifts the way we think, it shifts our energy and radiance

Living from our place of power and desire, shifts the way we think, our energy, and radiance. Click To Tweet


It all comes down to Energy.

Yet the words power and desire can be big trigger words for a less than stellar reaction or at least really negative words. But it all comes down to energy. Everything in this world, and I think, the next, is comprised of energy. Even our bodies, rocks, and houses, solid things, are made if energy. I’ve seen scientists call solid matter “frozen” energy, to emphasize the point that the world around is constantly moving, vibrating, and cycling around.


auric-clearing-auric-attachmentsEnergy is holistic and holographic (3d in a sense) because our every part of our bodies and lives run off of energy in some way. We feed our bodies food, so our bodies can convert the good to energy and nutrients to fuel that can be converted to other types of life needed energies. Our eyes convert light into the things we think we see and experience. Our ears convert sound waves, a form of energy, into sounds we can understand and find meaning in. When we think or remember things, we send electricity through portions of our brain to stimulate the brain cells into action. We spend the majority of our time converting, processing, interacting with, and working with energy.


Even what we think and feel is all about energy. Our emotions and mind even use energy. Everything about our experience of emotions, from the release of hormones and endorphins to how our energy responds to feeling states, effects our experience of energy. Emotions and desires are so strong within us, so integral to how we view and experience the world, right down the energetic level, that it makes complete sense that we should be living from our emotions. All of our goals, life visions, life mission realizations need to be checked again the barometer of desires and emotions before we implement them.


If we don’t tap those emotions as a form of guidance and discernment, we could easily end up living in that low-power state that I was talking about before. And we need to have our emotional and desire gauge well-calibrated by building a system for ourselves of positive energy practices based on your core desires and emotions we want to radiate out into the world. I call these Rites of Being. We need to be able to hold those energetic emotionally desirous states within us, so we can compare reality, our plans to it, our actions to those high energy states. We need to build our own core power and guidance system.


Building a process which continually feeds and calibrates our souls to our Divine intentions and high vibe feelings should be the first goal we all address before building any other plans for our lives.  We need to continually find small and large ways to tune ourselves back to our desired emotional Energy Keys, our family, our community, and our world. This is is more than just filling your life with self-help tools or techniques for relaxation and meditation. It’s about making time in your day to check in with yourself to see where you are and where you want to be. It’s about learning to recognize the things which drain you and building up a skill set and series of Rites of Being that will allow you disengage or protect your energy. It’s about being very clear on what you feel, think, and desire, and intentionally building up your power core to support you getting to those feelings, thoughts, and desire on a consistent basis.


Take a few minutes and think about it! What makes your soul stir? What makes you feel powerful love? What makes you feel like you are living up to the life you were meant to live? What kinds of actions make your heart feel full?


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