My 5 fav crystals for opening intuition with ease

my 5 fav crystals for opening your intuition easily

In this post, we will talk about my top 5 fav crystals for  opening intuition with ease. You can find a crystal to help support your intentions around just about anything. In the end, it’s about finding the crystal for the intention or medicine you desire AND asking the individual crystal if it can and wants to support that working. It’s in all in how you think about what you want to do.

I come at the idea of opening intuition from the standpoint that it is a natural connection we all have and that we can consciously choose to live with more open connections to it than we end up falling into when we’re working or taking care of the kids. 

The idea of developing, activating, or training the intuition as if we were super heroes, doesn’t really mesh with how I see things. Nor does the battle between good and evil beings. When opening and working with the intuition, you need tap into serious level of intention to get the level of guidance you need or to experience the type of being that will be a match to the medicine you need.

When I want to open my intuition, I start with the body and where I am in the moment. I move some energy, heal what I can, and center and ground deeply. Which leads to the first crystal in our list!

carnelian for opening intuition with ease


With it’s warm orange, cream, and reddish tones this stone is perfect for helping get into the body and release what’s holding pleasure back from coursing through your daily life.

The intuition is as much as about being in the body as it is being in the astral, akash, or beyond. Our body receives all the guidance we get, so the more at home, at peace, and in pleasure we can be in the body, the more easily we can work with body intuition and also clearing and cleaning our energy.

selenite for opening the intuition easily


Both Selenite and Kyanite and wonderful stone for clear and moving your body and auric energy. Clearing your energy is one of those practices that works on the body level and on the higher energy levels, clearing one can help clear the other.

Like Carnelian, it helps get you comfortable, calm, and feeling good in the present moment. But because this stone is works so well on the higher levels it will help clear blockages and resistance you might have from seeing the bigger picture of the higher self. You can feel into your intention as you use the selenite, so see if your intention is in alignment with your higher self.


Fluorite has a great ethereal quality to it. that helps the mind slip out of the everyday mindset into one more receptive to a divine harmonious solution. Which is important because you spend a lot of life listening to limitations, like what will others think, what about my bank account, and when would I have the time and energy.

While guidance and intuition needs to balanced with the 3D world and concerns, sometimes you can’t see the right solution because it’s one the daily mind wouldn’t have thought of or thought was possible. Fluorite is a good crystal to use to loosen up the mind-emotional-body-soul connection to get in flowing in a more intuitive way.

amethyst for opening the intuition with ease


Amethyst, with it’s gorgeous purple colors, is a great stone to help you open to your higher self. Having your higher self embodied while opening and using your intuition help smooth out the process, get you more effective guidance, and helps you build a stronger and stronger connection between conscious self and soul self. 

Its that connection and harmonization, that is a game changer when learning to live with and “manage” your intuitive abilities, including and especially empathy. 


The quartz stone is a known as a master healer. I think of it as one of the most versatile crystals out there. That is because it amplifies the energies and intentions you use with it. 

And while working with it, it also cleanses those energies and intention. It’s a good stone to pull out once you’ve grounded and centered, and have a good connection to your abilities and Source.  It is a good solid work and life partner from the crystal world.

As I said in the intro, there is a crystal for every intention and it’s all up to the way you think about your intentions and challenges. But you don’t need any tools to open your intuitive safely and sanely. The magick, power, and intention all come from within you. If you chose some have crystal friends along way, that’s up to you and your stone friend. 

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