How to keep holiday goals while still keeping holiday spirit


This year Super Secret Powers is part of a Holiday Wellness Challenge, and so I want to give my spin on advice for keeping high vibe holiday goals. We all want the good life, where we look great, feel great, have an abundant bank account with funding for a spectacular holiday display, and to find ways to capture all the holiday magic and good cheer of this time of year. Those are admirable goals. But normally the human mind resists the kind of change need to make it all happen, especially in the beginning. It’s resists even more so when we are in stress, rush, and desperation states. We often experience these in the pursuit of a “perfect” holiday, where we are tempted with sugary goodness, sales galore, and last minutes gifts and parties. So before we plow ahead into this month’s wellness challenge, let’s take the discussion about goal setting and expectations a little deeper.

Soul level realization: We are never really searching for or aiming for the goal the goal that we set, nor the steps we will take. We are aiming to reach solve the big “why” behind our goals.


Example: I want to lose weight because _____________________


Soul reasoning: Everything after “because” in the sentence above is something you find challenging or problematic. Our goals can be thought of as solutions, rather than simple achievements. Often we stop at only one or two solutions to our problem, as more than this seems complicated or harder to keep up with. Experts tells us that when looking to change our habits we should only work on 1-3 habits at a time. It takes 21 days to create a new habit. That can be 21 days of hell or 21 days of growth depending on your mind set.

You’re why is a thousand times more important than any single step or solution. It will never really be about loving healthy food or your exercise routine, if you aren’t really inclined to like that sort of thing naturally. Sure you will find things you like within the habits you are building, but it’s your big why that is going to give you the fuel and motivation that you need to push through and stick to it.

Get in touch with your WHY now!!

Using our weight loss example, here are some common big WHYs someone might identify with:

“I want to be more healthy.”

“I want to feel good about myself.”

“So I can keep up with the kids.”

“To give myself and my family the best life I can.”

“I hate being sick over the holidays.”

First of all, if your why’s don’t make you cry, well up, feel waves of peace, waves of release,  or something meaningful from the sheer awesomeness of what is before you, then you need consider your why. You need to let your why guide you as to what solution route you are going to take. If you want lose weight to keep up with the kids, it might be a good idea to go and do with the kids. Going to the gym alone might eat away at your big why. If weighing in at a weight loss program doesn’t make you feel good about yourself, why are you doing something that might go against your big WHY? Living from our way is going to empower everything you seek to change about your life.

It’s going to be extra powerful because it’s inline with you, it’s inline with your soul, your real needs, and your feelings! It’s going to raise your vibration and change the way you think about self improvement. You will love what you’re doing because you will know it is the right thing to do, beyond exercise endorphins, beyond juicing highs.  It will have a soul-deep resonance that will carry you forward.

What big why that is going to put the jingle in your holidays and holiday goals this year?


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