Grattitudes: creating ease

daily house grattitudes copy


Creating ease is something I resist. There is something about struggle that I still cling to, but I know my high vibes rely on ease. I stole this idea from an image I found on Facebook and made my own because it hit home. Part of staying in a high state is knowing what you are fighting for and knowing when remove the fight. Creating ease is what practicing grattitudes is all about. Being able to shift from “UGH, not this again. I hate this.” to a place where we can say “Of course I want to do that!” is a profound shift in way our inner alignment co-creates with the world around us. Why struggle if it’s not worth the struggle? Why struggle if what we are resisting doing it’s actually worth something? Notice I am saying don’t struggle, and not advising not to fight or stand for stand for something. But struggle implies a lack a clarity on why we are doing what we are doing.  It implies our priorities in the moment are not clear, or as clear as we would like.

What is is that stops us from putting away the clothes, or leaving the dishes? What is more important in that moment that causes us to struggle with even the idea of doing those simple things?

Gentle re-framing of the situation often helps me get the clarity I need in order to know what’s even important in the moment. Sometimes a Grattitude will hit you because the time and space you are in. This week I’m more grateful for the small chores and moments because my husband just got the opportunity to work from home. I am grateful for his presence in those small things. Grateful for the thought of our continued ability to build and grow in life together.

Other times, it takes a bit of retrospect in order to make the shift. I find the the question, “what will I be grateful for tomorrow, for having done today?” extremely potent. This kind of thinking, allowing myself to gift my future self with more ease, often is the only thing that will motivate me off the computer or to tackle harder tasks, things I’ve been procrastinating about.

What grattitudes do you need to practice? What ease will you create for yourself today?

What will you be grateful for tomorrow?