Why can’t I trust my intuition??

When you are in those times of doubt, and they can feel so fundamentally off that you begin to doubt your mission and your gifts, it feels like you can’t trust your intuition or connection.

Within us are a multitude of voices and opinion. Fears, guidance, wisdom, concern. How do you know which  voices are serving you? Which are limiting you? Which are pure rubbish?


The thing is if you aren’t in touch with and coming from your authentic intuitive process it’s easy for doubt and fear to creep in.

If we’re out of balance with our wholeness, ego and fear are going to:
And you probably won’t even realize that’s what’s happening because it will feel like:

Until you are trained to hear the difference between heavy guidance and fear, you will be stuck spinning your wheels.

When all options seem too far off, scary, or downright dismal, then you are already in a place where fear has a hold of you. In that space your sense of self and flow is off. Off to the point where you are either seeking any and all advice, no matter how crazy it sounds, or ready to retreat completely from the world with a big ol’ f-off.

Thing is not all guidance is going to fluffy and light. Sometimes it’s going to hurt to hear, like a friend showing you a pic she got from your spouse or learning of health battle from your doctor. In those times, of course, it’s natural to feel some fear. You are essentially being shown the world is not what you thought it to be. You slipped into the unknown.

Fear is good at telling us what can go wrong. But it’s not good at giving us real or sustainable solutions. 

Fear will point you to a problem you should begin thinking about and maybe preparing for, not because it definitely will happen, but to bring us in a greater sense of security. If you’ve trained in your intuitive process enough to begin releasing the panic and hear where you need to round out your bases, then coming more fully back in flow and intuitive guidance isn’t far off. 


You can’t spend your life running from one willy nilly fear to solve to the next. That is a good way to never really LIVE your life. Not everything can be fixed to the point where you will never have to worry about it again. Some things are simply part of the on-going experience of being in body in a physical world. Learning what your intuitive process is helps you to understand which fears you can lean into and which are so toxic to you that they will take you down if you give them an inch. 

Your intuitive process is also going to help you discern when you’ve been plain old terrible advice and let it fester, disrupting your ability to trust n yourself and your experience…your truest place of power and security in this world. This goes for same for when you’ve allowed someone else’s beliefs or opinions to take up root in your mind-body-heart. 

Being able to release your expectations, come to center and intentionally delve deep into your intuitive flow, in other words your intuitive process, is going to be able to teach you how to come back to your powerful center time and time again, no matter the external conditions. Staying in fear and confusion is only going to perpetuate those downward and toxic cycles. You can’t always wait around for the one sign to hit the gas pedal in life. 

Learning to master your intuitive process is like learning to master flight. You might have known you had wings, had some experiences with gliding and lift off, but until you learn to ride the air currents, you are always going to stick close the ground and never fully learn to rely on your wings. You will then always be waiting for, or dreading, the day when your guides decide to throw out of the nest. 

None of this has to be hard or traumatic. In fact, it’s alot like remembering things you always knew, or felt on an intuitive level, but it sudden comes much more clear. It’s a lot like coming home to soul self. Learning to listen to the truth beyond your fears and doubts, feels like absolute relief, like dropping a thousand ton boulder that you’ve been told you have to lug around with you everywhere. 

Best of all, it changes your relationship to anxiety and fear and it puts the tools to discovering wisdom directly into your hands!