5 easy tips to help create a deeper meditation experience

5 easy tips to help create a deeper meditation experience

There was a time when the idea of sitting down or making time to meditate seemed like one of the most frustrating tasks on my daily to-do list. It seemed like when I finally got myself settled, began to quiet my mind and feel the relaxation seep in that the time I set aside was nearly over. I had gotten nowhere fast.

This on top of all the beautiful experiences that so many teachers and coaches seemed to have on a regular basis. Not only wasn’t I getting the deeper experiences, insight, or spiritual breakthroughs, but I felt I was barely getting to any benefit from my meditation practice.

I’m a mom and a business owner. I’m up early and getting to bed late while keeping everyone else on track. The pursuit of finding me time and then being able to enjoy and deepen into it seemed like an endless battle of defending boundaries and a shit ton of releasing to get back to my own center. 

But this was back when I believed that meditation or a meditation practice had to look or be a certain way. Usually, this happens when you hear about the newest practice famous Fionna or Guru Gelli is doing because their story is too inspirational to not try. Before you know it, it’s the only one of three practices everyone in the spiritual community is talking about or promoting as the “it” solution. 

It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t seem to work for you, if that’s not what you need, or simply not how you work. Those trends are just about the only thing you are going to be directed back to for months or years should you ask for recommendations. 

But meditation is so much more than the newest trend. In fact, meditating is more about learning to shift your inner state and perspective than it is about how you get to those shifts.

Meditation is more about mastering your inner realms than perfecting a trend.

While you don’t have to perfect a certain form, there still are some common obstacles to getting deeper into or even just getting into your meditation practice!

Here are some easy tips to follow for the 5 most common problems when practicing meditation.

  • I can't sit still

    It's a myth that meditation only happens when you sit or lie down. Many cultures use active meditations, like mindful walking, trance dance, or repetitive movement to help a person shift to a meditative state. Make a list of what active activities you like to do, which also seem to get you out of your head and try to make more time for those activities.

  • I don't have time

    Meditation doesn't have to happen separate from the rest of your life. In fact, throughout a given day you shift mindsets hundreds of times. Think of the difference between your mindset while in the zone driving mind vs. getting ready in the morning. Those two mind frames are very different! Even washing the dishes or cooking can put you in a meditative state of mind. Make a list of which common, repetitive daily tasks that help you get out of your "doing" mind frame.

  • I can't quiet my mind

    It's another myth that all meditation is about quieting the mind. Meditation can also be the focusing of the mind on an intent, situation, or problem. In my experience, what matters most about meditation mindset is what helps you create the shift to see things in another way. That can be activities like source tapping, taking an hour off to sit in a park or coffee shop, or even going for a drive to reset your mind and energy.

Having trouble clearing your mind?

It might not be you! It might be the ideas you learned about what meditation is and isn't! 

Everyone has stregnths based on their spiritual gifts and how they are hard-wired which will make certain meditation styles easy and organic for them!

Discover your authentic meditation style today!
  • I can't vizualize

    While a popular tool, visualization and guided visualization only work if you are doing the work to create the shift. While it might feel good or peaceful to run through a movie in your head, it doesn't help you solve your problems or become centered and empowered. If you aren't doing the actual work, it's just a form of entertainment. There are a ton of other ways you can use in order to get out of your head and create the shift you need!

  • I can't stay awake

    The older I get the more I see that there is nothing more important than proper rest. No amount of meditation is going to make you as good as getting the amount of sleep your body needs. And that amount changes all the time, from season to season and wellness level to wellness level. But if you still want to meditate while also working on your sleep schedule, then try something more active like mindful walking, light yoga, or singing along with a playlist of feel-good music or chanting.

Whether you are a beginner or spiritual warrior, there are just times when it seems like meditation is hard to do.

And this is why meditation is more than just the newest trends or styles. Knowing how to get to certain states of mind-heart-soul means developing your own style based on your sensory strengths and gifts. It means building off of meditations styles that feel natural to you.

You were born hardwired to connect to the world around you and the Divine in a certain way. Not all styles of meditation are going to feel good or natural to you all the time. There might be some styles you just never really “get”. So why mess around with something that Guru Gelli is teaching if doesn’t work for you?

Isn’t it time to take your meditative time back and create a practice based on your needs and authentic style so that you can have a deep and meaningful practice which nourishes your energy, helps you master your psyichic gifts, and empowers you to create big impact in your life?

Are you ready to start your meditation practice?

Most people begin by simply picking the newest trend in meditation. But wouldn't be smarter to start where your stregnths are?

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