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The Unleash your Inner Priestess Mini-course will help you:

Release your need for shields,  discover your authentic boundaries, and begin serious growth with your spiritual gifts.
Discover how your Inner Priestess guides you toward your life purpose and soul mission.
Receive the keys to planning a life of personal power, confidence, and strength.

It’s Free!!

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Soul Purpose

Your gifts, history, and desires uniquely suit you to serve!

Energy Clearning

Your inner priestess knows just the energy medicine you need!

Intuitive Confidence

Your inner Divinity will help you hear clearer!

What my students say...

Working with Lindsay has allowed me to step into knowing myself on a deeper level enough to tap into what my soul inherently knows or needs – that’s where the boundary is birthed from. Her ability to hold space and guide me into myself to unveil that inner knowing is incredibly powerful! In one conversation/session I was able to get to the heart of something that plagued me for months. She is a true gem

Caitlyn Hayes

I don't know what I'd do with out Lindsay! I grew up with a family that didn't get me at all. Repressed and mocked me. I used my gift of empathy to belong to my own world, shielding myself from life. Protecting myself from those who didn't understand. When I started working with Lindsay, I started to truly break free of that and come into myself. It was a process of letting go of insecurities. Breaking down my protective walls. Becoming confident. Losing the anxiety and constant worrying so that I could be me and not care so much of what others thought. I took a very brave step and went part time at my day job to build a life/fitness coaching business.

Andrea Dobrowolski

When I awoke to my gifts, I knew I was meant to heal the world.

But as time went on and I lived through the storms of life, I got myself all turned around!

I thought there weren’t enough shields to stop all the negativity from getting in.
I allowed anxiety, fear, and my sensitives to rule my actions and life.
I thought I had to live in the woods in order to feel good.

And I thought it was all me. Too sensitive, too “out there”, too a dreamer to make it in this world.

Even following my dreams didn’t pan out because it felt too full of mundane problems to get to the potential I saw for myself and the potential I saw in others.

But a huge wake-up call came my way, and I realized:

I couldn’t let fear stop me. If I did I would die with my song still in me, unsung.
If I wanted something to happen I had to follow the sign and also make it happen, manifest it, birth it into this world!
I had to allow my Inner Priestess, keeper of my sacred heart, to guide me and my soul mission. I couldn’t rely on thought alone or the logic of the outside world. I had to go deeper. I had to align with my inner knowing.


find your fierce


Are you ready?

It’s Free!!

We never spam. You can view our Privacy terms here.