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Simple Life Rules...Are you living a powerful life? Power is a natural extension of living in this world. This is one of the cornerstone concepts behind my coaching. There is no reason for you not get in touch with what is powerful and meaningful for you. There is no reason why should not learn to hone your control and use of the powers that you have, whether it’s excellent caregiving, book-keeping, or being intuitive. There is no reason we should not be living a super-powered life. You already have power….but what are you doing with it? What can you do with it?


Day 1: Are you living a powerful life quiz and the Are you living powerfully? video, part 1

Day 2: Powerful living in 8 questions

Day 3: Are you living powerfully? video, part 2

Day 4: Tools, tips, and talks about Powerful Living

Day 5: The Quick Guide for Power Living Goals