Tools, Tips, and Talks about powerful living

failureAs you go along in Super Secret Powers coaching we end up talking a lot about power and powerful living. So, this series we are going to focus on why power is so important in my coaching practice, and in your life. In my mind, Confidence + Passion = Power. How will you align your confidence and your passion to bring power to your life?

Listen to Tony Robbins, an AMAZING life coach, talk about how our rituals and routines shape our lives. What you might want to be asking yourself when listening to this, is what rituals and routines do I need to focus on to stay in a state of powerful living!

Issues and energy involving personal power are centered in the 3rd chakra, or the solar plexus chakra. This center is located just in that area in your torso between the two sides of your rib cage. Here is a meditation to get you centered and focused on your power and your 3rd charka!

If you want a meditation with a little more umph, a little more seductive power, here’s the 3rd charka meditation from one of my fav female intuitive, Aphrodiety Stone! This one really makes me feel gooooooood!

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