Powerful living in 8 questions


This series is focused on why power and powerful living is so important in your life and my coaching practice. In my mind, Confidence + Passion = Power. How will you align your confidence and your passion to bring power to your life?

Why are a lot of my posts and headlines focused on power? I’m going to answer that question, and raise you a few questions. Why do we as a society have a negative connotation of power? Why do only politicians and SEO’s have REAL power? Why do we associate power with dominance and superiority? Why does the idea of having and using power geek us, even me, out?

I am choosing define power in a way that is beneficial to me, and I think many more people, than the older patriarchal ideas of who or what is powerful. Defined by most dictionaries, power is the ability or force to accomplish something. Nothing more, nothing less than the ability to get something done. This means we are capable of wielding great amounts of power, we do so already on a daily basis. We already ARE powerful beings. In my mind, it would seem the point of being in this mortal plane, so that we can learn to exert our influence, our power, over the world and the other beings in this world.

Now don’t jump to conclusions! Yes, I said “exert our influence”. But does that mean we have to manipulate and extort people, does it mean we have to treat other people like chattel or servants? No, not at all. The idea that “exerting our influence” means something negative, is a cultural misconception. How you chose to use your power, exert your influence, radiate your energy and love out into the world it totally up to you!

How could you define power in a way that is beneficial for you, in a way that makes you feel powerful?

Looking at this logically, we use our power to make ourselves a good breakfast. We use our power to send a card to a loved one. We use our power to ask for a raise at work or ask for a sale. Ahh, think back now, did you have a reaction to that last example? Did you cringe or get a sense of worry? Maybe even a sense of guilt for wanting more? Those feelings are a symptom of our culture’s demonization and lust for personal power. What will do with your power?


The power of love

The power of caring

The power of healing

The power of abundance

The power of faith

The power of the Spirit

The power of your sexuality

The power of honesty

The power of health

The power of community

The power of charity


live-your-dreams_760_430_c1The list could keep growing. There is no magick to finding a little power, we do it everyday. The issues surround power, comes from it’s use and feeding. Just like eating bread or chocolate alone compromises our life, feeding yourself on only one type of power will lead to a compromised life. We need a steady and full diet of all these types of power, and even those powers I didn’t list.

I think everyone has a Super Secret Powers fuel tank. The only way we can stay in power, is to keep feeding the fuel tank. Most times when we use power, we use it up. But there are things we do that actually give us some power back in tank.

What activities, people you spend time with, things you do with your family, things you do at or for work, leave you feeling like you are soaring, full of energy, and/or feeling like you tackle any problem?

Try naming some of those types of things for each of these areas of your life:






Your home



These are the activities, which will continue to fill your power tank back up when you are feeling low or will keep you topped off as you go along living a balanced life. But sometimes we will need to beef up on some powers over others because we are feeling a little deficient in that area, but the idea, as I say throughout my coaching practice, is balance.


What kinds of power do you need to beef up on?

What kinds of power are you already ready to radiate out into the world?


While how you use these power is really up to you, it should be informed by your morals, ethics, and internal integrity. I love the word integrity. Commonly used, it refers to someone with a sense of personal ethics. But the word really means whole.


What would be like to use and radiate your power out into world from your wholeness?

How would your concept and relationship to your personal power change if were committed to acting from your whole-self?

Are you ready to accept your power? Are you ready to start building a plan that will allow you build a life of power and meaning?

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