A quick guide for powerful living goals

Dog Live like someone left the gate openThis series is focused on why power and powerful living is so important in my coaching practice, and in your life. In my mind, Confidence + Passion = Power. How will you align your confidence and your passion to bring power to your life?

How are you going to being integrating power into your life? It’s all fine and wonderful to say, “Oh, I’ve been putting thing on hold of so long, it’s time to start lighting the fire under it”. That’s a great beginning to getting things on track. But where are you going to take it from there?


So, how would you add power to your life? In my practice

Confidence + passion = power


Where do you need more confidence?

What do you need to get more confident about something you feel weak on?


Where is your passion in this situation?

How can your goal be turned around so that it is in-line with your passion and confidence for bringing power into your life or a situation?


A general statement and good feeling doesn’t necessarily bring success. It takes work, motivation, and accountability. And all that works best when you plan it all out. If you are not a person who is good at winging or a person who gets a little lost in the details, it’s vital that things are written out, even if you have to go so far as writing it out step by step. I say “writing it out”, but drawing, doing a vision board, make a thousand to-do lists all categorized by goal and deadline, flow charts, mind maps, they all count too, as long you have the big picture, your destination in focus. It doesn’t matter which organization system you chose, as long as it’s going to work for you, as long as it makes it easy to keep working on and tweaking your steps and goal.


From the questions this past week, you might have gotten a real and powerful taste of where you want to head towards, and that is WONDERFUL. That is what those questions were designed to do. But now we want the nuts and bolts, we want the details. And we want to be sure we account for them in your plan. Just as you want to account for all the details of the things which feel good, also account for the times and situations that might leave you feeling discouraged or which might get you off the wagon. Make back up plans for those times and situations where you will need extra motivation, a jolt, or a power surge. It’s said that usually around 6 weeks into life changes or habit breaking challenges is where you start to lose motivation. I’ve consistently hit a wall at around four weeks, where I begin struggling. So while you have to the motivation, while you have the power of beginning, leave yourself reminder for 4 or 6 weeks from now. Write yourself a letter to remind yourself why you are doing this. And keep doing it! When you’re up, pay it forward, FOR YOURSELF! Do things when you are feeling the motivation that will make it easier for you to move forward at a time when you might be needing to power-up!


When you get a good goal, it’s time to book an intuitive coaching session with coach Lindsay to make sure you get a solid plan for your success!


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