Be truly positive, not fake positive…it’s not what you think!

farfallaThis week’s power-ups are going to take a in depth look at radiance, the foundation of your power and desire machine, your positive energy practices! But filling up your power and guidance core is more than just filling your life with self-help tools or techniques for relaxation and meditation. It’s about making time in your day to check in with yourself to see where you are and where you want to be.

But it is about faking it until you make it?  Hell, no!!

Okay, a fake positive person is someone who is struggling hard to fake it till they make it to the land of happy, all positive feelings. They are secretly threatened by other people’s happiness, no matter the face or act they put on to the outside world. They are secretly self-loathing and desperately trying to “fix” what is wrong with them with affirmations, meditations, and self-help.


But God doesn’t make junk, as my mom told me. The Divine didn’t make half formed, broken people. The Divine made souls, gorgeous, beautiful souls of light and energy and power and love. We cannot fully see this in our imperfect mortal world and shell. We think we are our bodies or our minds, or our emotions. But we are that spark, driving force behind the biological mechanisms. We are our souls, which have for this moment in time, been melding into a physical form. And we long, we ache for what we remember of that Divine presence from which we came, because we believe that by being here on this plane, we are somehow separated from it. But we aren’t. We are the hands and hearts of the Divine in this here and now. We are, by and large, the presence of the Divine on Earth.


1484646_665108433556610_6663025174905411226_nBeing positive isn’t about platitudes, it’s about how you feel deep down inside and allowing that to radiate out. It’s about attempting to know a part of that Divine self that we all have. It’s about finding our power, whether it the power of love, the power of transformation, or the power of honesty (or any other power) in order to keep our relationships untangled and to continue to grow…to evolve. It’s about following our deep and truest desires and feelings for ourselves, our families, our communities, our world, because they are messages from the Divine to ourselves and the world.


Affirmations are just saying or truths we repeat to make ourselves believe something. They are prayers, they are spells, they are intentions we raise up, empower, and send out into the universe. Without our feelings and emotions; They become fruitless words, hard self-recriminations. Without dancing with, building a relationship with, or living with those messy, confusing, and sometimes torturous feelings and desires, we begin cause ourselves undue pain and suffering. You need to build up the positive within you, you need to feed those positive power cells to have a reserve, flex those positive emotional muscles to build up some muscle memory. You need to build a positive emotional practice to help sustain your center in your Divine desirous radiating state of being.


Get in touch with it, review this month’s material, as you are most likely experiencing low self esteem or confidence about something.

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And then start build your power and guidance core.


self-loveSome tips for building your power and guidance core:


  • Be holistic: We’re looking for positive things for your mind, body, emotions, AND soul/energy. What makes you feel centered in your life, what makes you feel powerful?
  • Be creatively practical: our daily routine can easily become humdrum and stale, which mean our energy will stagnate. Energy may be “frozen” into a form, but it’s always moving, vibrating, and cycling. Leave room in your routines to spice things up a bit, put a new twist on things. Plan for those changes to keep it fresh. Make an entry in your calendar every two or three weeks to review your routines and get in touch with how you want to feel and see where you can make some tune-ups to how you rock your groove.
  • Don’t be deluded into trying big changes over a short amount of time. Plan for small changes over a longer period of time. Play with your options and pay attention to the results in how you feel. Shoot for 5% better each goal period.
  • Every evening ask yourself if you loved enough, laughed enough, and made a difference that day, and adjust as needed.
  • Every morning ask yourself how you feel AND want to feel that day, and aim for how you want to feel.
  • Take a mid-day breather and check in with yourself, how are you feeling and what would make the day for you if you could tap into that feeling?


Building up your ability to radiate should be a process that feels amazing, keep that your focus. But if you are struggling with any of this material and need more guidance, some brainstorming, or even a push, then book an Intuitive life coaching session, which is free for a limited time, so we can talk about it!

I believe in you!

I believe in the radiance of your soul and energy!


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