Vlog: An intuitive mastery tip for when you can’t read your own potential

intuitive mastery tip

For being a knower, someone who knows things about the world and the people I meet, having the intuitive mastery around being able to sense out my own potentials can be frustrating. I know I’m not the only one out there! I’ve often heard those just budding in their sensitivities complain how their gifts works so easily for others, but they cannot seem to pin down anything detailed about themselves and their path.

Take a look at this little vlog for a more detailed explanation, but in short I think when it comes to intuitive mastery I think we have to come to point where we recognize that sharing is part and parcel of our gift. The intuitive flow opens so easily when there are two or more investing their energy into a reading or a working. So to me it seems that if we cannot connect with what nudges or vision there might be for us about our own potential, it is because we have closed down out of fear and it is time to open back up by sharing.


We aren't given the gifts like empathy and intuitiveness to sit alone with them, we are meant to share them.That sharing will open the flow for yourself and others. Click To Tweet