Super Secret Powers…Really?

Super Secret Powers rock!Well, yeah!!

Super Secret Powers are cool!

And it’s super fun to say….you know you want to…say it three times fast..right now!

Super Secret Powers
Super Secret Powers
Super Secret Powers

Okay, this isn’t a self-help thing about learning to fly or how to develop your x-ray vision. This is about taking those things which give you power and passion, and learning to honor and develop those things, as a Super Hero honors and develops their own powers and life.

 Everyone has, at least, one super secret power.

Don’t “yeah, yeah” me. You know I’m right. You know there is something that just lights you up inside, something you could talk, write, or paint about for days at a time. The question you need to ask yourself is, what would happen if you honed and developed that “Thang that you do” so that it served you and your world? How would that change your life?

That question  is how the idea of Super Secret Powers was born. I was tired of trying to do things the way everyone told me I needed to do them. It wasn’t giving me power, motivation, or further encouragement. I figured out I needed to come from my own place of power. I needed to find my voice, my secret message to the world, and resonate that out into the world. In the symphony of life, I needed to learn my instrument and play it with all my heart.

What story are you telling yourself?

The idea of Super Secret Powers can also get us thinking about what our stories are that we are telling ourselves, in a way that just talking about your daily life doesn’t always seem to. The stories we tell are ourselves are mondo important. It also forces us to think about how we want our story to change, where is your happily ever after…do you even know what that would look like? Feel like? Sound like? Taste like?

It doesn’t matter if you are a teacher, an artist, life coach, mom, wife, trickster, everyone still needs to be the hero in their own life story!

Tell me what your happily ever after feels like!



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