Your power and guidance core, The Super Secret Powers Fueling system

Super Secret Powers fuel tank
Sacha Goldberger’s grandmother Frederika, 91, dressed as a superhero


In order to have a good steady stream of secret super powers, one needs to have a full core of super secret powers fuel and a way for it be distributed, much like car a has a fuel tank and fuel injector system (the part that pushes the fuel into the engine). Like car parts, with use and over the miles, those parts can get pretty gunked up. Mud, salt and moisture can really mess up a car’s fuel system. Our own “fuel system” is something built into our bodies. It’s compromised of our digestive system for physical fuel, our emotions for those good feelings that keep us going, our mind which gives us vision for looking ahead and making plans, and our subtle energy system which connects our physical body to our soul parts and Divine self and reality. Like energy, it’s holistic and holographic. Unlike a car, our bodies are a whole, complete biological and energetic system that is sacred and Divine. Our vessels are part of creation and also contain the essence of the Creator, however you recognize this force or entity.


In both cars and our bodies, if we don’t keep our fuel systems clean and in working order…well, we aren’t going to get anywhere far or fast. If we don’t feed ours bodies properly, we become tired, sluggish, and fuzzy around the edges. If we don’t feed our minds properly the mind becomes confused and will begin to deteriorate in functionality (have problems making new memories and thinking our way through things). If we don’t feed our emotions properly we will get emotionally congested, stuck in the past, or end up feeding our good fuel to our fears. Without a properly nourished subtle energy system we will have a hard time learning new things about ourselves and the world around us Our lives will be prone to chaos and intrusion, and we can become disconnected from Divine wisdom and Love. I want to point out here that the Divine presence does not ever leave us, but our connection to that state of being can become muddied to the point where we don’t hear it or feel it. These systems are interdependent-they rely on each other to function optimally.


Our fuel system, our power and guidance core, also needs to be cleared out every now and again, and a little fuel booster to separate the gunk from the good fuel isn’t a bad idea either. Dirt build up from heavy use, rust build up from under-use, collisions, and accidents can undermine the functioning of the entire system. Issues can develop without us even realizing it until they’re a problem which we can’t fix on our own.

 Here are some quick ideas on how to clean up your fuel system!

Physical Body:

  • Herbal cleanse (such as teas or capsules, but do with your doctor’s advice!)
  • Fasting (again with your doctor’s advice)
  • A bath
  • Stretch
  • Go for a walk or swim
  • Try yoga, Tai chi, or Quigong
  • Practice a physical craft (like knitting or whittling, something that engages the body, but also muscle memory)
  • Dance around your room
  • Clean or organize something (this will also help the mental system)
  • Get a massage (this can also help all other systems)
  • Sauna (be safe, don’t dehydrate and watch your sugar levels)


Mental system:

  • Read a good book
  • Learn something new
  • Journal (also helps clear your emotions)
  • Do some puzzles (word, shape, or logic, put something together, or even use luminosity)
  • Go through old photos remembering people and places (might also be good for emotional clearing)
  • Go through your schedule and to-do lists, re-prioritize
  • Make some new memories
  • Disable overwhelming feelings by making some time for a mental and emotional vacation or staycation.


Emotional System:

  • Do some art
  • Meditate (also helps clear the mind, body, and energy system)
  • Have a good cry or laugh
  • Talk it out
  • Watch a good movie to get you in a better emotional space
  • Listen to music that gets you into a better emotional space
  • Do some self-discovery exercises
  • Give yourself a reward or adventure (within reason!!)

Subtle energy system:

  • Try Donna Eden’s daily routine (you can search for it on youtube),
  • Charka/aura cleansing meditations or music,
  • Reiki,
  • Deep and true prayer,
  • Rosary or mala beads,
  • Attunements and activations for the lightbody.
  • Acupuncture or acupressure (can also help all the other systems)


The key is to BALANCE.


Balance is not the same thing as peace. It is not static or unchanging. Balance is not necessarily happiness either. Balance is a state where the forces acting upon you and coming from you are equal. Meaning, you balance good with bad, slow with fast, hot with cold, anger with compassion, scarcity with abundance (especially for time and money). But you also need to be functional, that is the key to figuring out where your balance points lie. You need to balance one thing with another until you are functional. Everyday your balance point might change a bit and you need to find a way to adjust. You need to have some options in your tool belt that will help you find balance in most daily situations.

You can do that by trying out some of the above ideas and knowing which ones might work best in certain situations to help get you de-gunked and moving forward again! It’s your tool belt, what works for you? Leave a comment with your best cleansing tool tip!!


Need some help finding your balance points or filling up your tool belt?


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