Tools and resources for Stress Management

tools and resources for stress managementThis series of power ups are about stress and stress management. Stress is a tricky thing to wrangle or fight against. But when it comes down to bare bones, stress should never be battled.  It is through self-esteem and the power of your own choices, that the voice of fear and stress becomes just another voice in the crowd.

As I talked about in the article this week, the best way to sabotage stress is simply to feel your power, get up, and do whatever it is you need to do for yourself. Stop wondering if you’re good enough to get it all done, stop stressing yourself out over whether you’re good enough!

I’ll start you off small here! Give you a little stress reduction to begin! This really funny, but good advice!

To go along with that don’t forget about videos of kittens and puppies, This is a total stress buster, you’ll laugh, you’ll awwww, so keep watching the kitties:

And OMG, this video is actually really killer for a total flip on the way you think about stress!

Here is Marie Forloe with a slightly different twist on the message:

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