The top 3 things that stop you from feeling positive and high vibe

get your positive on

Feeling positive is like flexing a muscle, especially if you have been feeling down. Many believe that positive just isn’t something they can do, and if it’s like flexing a muscle, then they don’t have the muscle. Others are in perpetual Eeyore state, the minute there appears there could be a silver lining, something awful happens that sets you back three steps. There is a belief in all this that when you are positive, bad things shouldn’t or won’t happen to you. As if being positive has Godly rewards that remove you from how life works. It doesn’t. Shit will will happen, no matter how positive you feel. Choosing positivity is choosing to do something powerful, even if just in making a choice for yourself, in spite of all the challenging things happening around you.

But there are days that even if you have the heart to choose to be positive and powerful, that you just can’t seem to get there. Here are three things that you need to resolve in order to clear the way for the positivity to flow:


  • Being unwell:Feeling tired, drained, sick, or generally unwell will stop up the feelings of positivity in such a way subtle way that you may not even realize how quickly you’ve turned to more defeated thinking. When you’re not feeling well the whole world seems more challenging, more overwhelming, and more “out to get you”. Getting back on a more even keel isn’t instant either, it may take a week to month (under normal health circumstances) to catch up on sleep, cleanse the body of toxins, or get back into an activity pattern that feel comfortable again. But feeling well gives you a clarity and energy that is essential to feeling the high vibes that come with being positive.
  • Slipping into judgment: Otherwise known as beating yourself up. Our wounded inner child makes it so easy to believe that if we’re are’t happy or positive, that there must be something “wrong” with us. But the only thing wrong with us is our obsession with thinking that we are somehow wrong! Having low or down feelings isn’t a disease. It’s perfectly natural. But the sooner we acknowledge them for what they are, the sooner we can stop beating ourselves up for having them them. Negative or heavy emotions are our body’s way of telling us we need more self love and TLC somewhere in our lives, it means we are experiencing some kind of internal pain that needs some nurturing. Beating ourselves up over needing a little more love is unnecessarily causing ourselves more pain.  If you see a hurt child crying, would you really make her cry more??? Then why do that to yourself?
  • Playing the comparison game: We don’t have to have a thing about keeping up with the Jones’ in order to be stuck in comparison game. It is far more insidious to play the comparison game with ourselves. “I use to…” can be just as toxic as valuing someone else’s car, boy friend, or house. This whole line of thinking either trips our enoughness issues or it puts us in the past, neither which are places where we can act or think powerfully or positively. The key to staying in a positive state of mind is staying in a creative mindset where you make changes and adjustments as needed to get where you want to go.

If you can’t quite get your positive on, the best advice is to let the wanting and comparison go. If you are feeling unwell, tired, or under the weather it’s going to be more likely that you will start to believe the negative things the inner wounded child likes to say. Take a mental health day, don’t make any big decisions, if you don’t have to, and go find a comfy place to relax.

Feeling positive is a holistic state of being. Share on X

Mind, body, and soul need to be nourished and cared for your positive mindset to really shine! The ability to choose powerfully isn’t going to come from striving, pushing, or beating yourself up. The ability to stay positive relies more on our ability to stay in love and in compassion, not just for others, but most especially for ourselves.