Signs you might be an intuitive

Signs you might be an intuitive

So, you’ve suspected you be an intuitive! Congratulations! Many don’t even make it that far for fear of being called crazy or worse. This is a highly personal journey, and eve if others can see it within you or that potential, much like the movie the Matrix, you are only “the one” if you believe you are…if you chose to accept that about yourself. And to further that, you don’t even need to identify with that label, simply recognizing that potential exists within you is enough to bring clarity and peace within.

For me, being intuitive is like being born with a set of high definition filters over your senses, and some senses are more sensitive than others. We are born to sense out more what is already really there, on an energetic level, than others are. Sometimes these filters can begin to develop on their own and sometimes, even if we are born with them, they can suddenly “open”. There are circumstances and times of the year when these sense can seem even more heightened, making it seem like, in the beginning of your journey, there is an off and on nature to these filters. Some circumstances that can heighten intuition are when our survival instincts kick in, when we seek to creatively solve a problem or challenging situation, or when we share our energy with others. Fear, extreme emotion, and pain can temporarily cloud our intuitive filters.

So if you are wondering if consistency is a key to identifying yourself as Intuitive, I say, it’s not. The fact that you can do any of these things or recognize some of the signs below in yourself is proof enough. If you were not intuitive the list below would seem quite foreign to you and you wouldn’t be able to relate to any of the experiences with any certainty.

Here are some of the experiences I look for when talking to people about their intuition:

  • Vivid Dreams
  • Knowing things you don’t how or why you know, flashes of insight, wisdom, or vision. Reading into books, and then not being able to find what you thought you read.
  • Reading people’s minds or emotions
  • Your gut or instincts are honed: warnings, signals, knowings when loved ones are hurt or in danger
  • You get flashes of insight, wisdom, or potential futures
  • Paranormal or spiritual experiences: visions, spirits, etc…
  • Highly creative or well developed imagination
  • Sensing illness in people and places
  • Feeling destined or called to be a healer, a detective, a reader, or a powerful leader/transformer
  • You have have thought or been told you were overly sensitive
  • You consider yourself highly spiritual, even if you cannot seem to agree with organized religion
  • You know when people are lying
  • Sensitivity to food and allergens, sometimes happening after adulthood
  • You have a thing about being honest and others being honest
  • You experience mood swings, going from ecstatic to down and back again for no real reason, or if you can identify a reason, it just seems as if you were only thinking.
  • Seeing or sensing auras, energy, or the moods of people or places, and how the shift
  • You have a habit of looking for the deeper, more meaningful layer of any situation
  • You noticed or have been told you are highly perceptive or observant of people, places, and details around you
  •  You experience a strong desire to heal or fix the things and people you see as wrong or broken
  • Loved ones, friends, even strangers come to you with their problems and trust you with their secrets


signs you might be intuitive


You know all this and the lessons behind intuitive mastery are yours when get you a sense of peace deep down, soul level peace when coming into knowing of this. Not necessarily when you THINK about it. Thinking is the domain of ego, and ego wants to keep us safe from past experiences and the unknown. There is certainly a great deal of “unknown” involved when first considering that you be tapping into intuition. So do you deep down feel a sense of peace, like this all makes sense, or even the knowing that you were meant to understand this all this time? Another way to know if you’re an intuitive, is if the idea of it scares the crap you of you!! Being in fear, means ego is reacting to some truth. Basically the only way you really know if intuition is what is not guiding you is if you don’t have any feeling about it whatsoever.

So what do you do if you think you are an intuitive?

If you feel you are intuitive, your next steps are simple, nothing to fear at all. Your next steps should be to observe yourself and make note of when you think you are receiving something. This is an important step in your evolution because you need to begin forming some ideas about your intuitive process and triggers. In this next stage, it’s important to reach for validation, so also find groups or people with whom you feel comfortable sharing your experiences and theories with!! That said, you an check out my groups, I have a Facebook group and a G+ group, you can find my public closed groups here: Groups link.


Be well, Loves, and trust your knowings!!