Am I a sensitive or psychic? What labels do you resonate with?

more than my tiny body

Over the course of my vocation as a soul reader, I have often been asked whether I thought someone was an empath, a sensitive, a medium, or even a psychic.  Ultimately, I greatly dislike that type of question and I rarely give the answer anyone wants to hear. But here’s why.

It doesn’t matter what kind of label you apply to yourself. What matters is how you feel about that label and what you expect that label means to you. It also matters whether or not you are accepting the possibility of having a heightened sense or ability. I am the type of person who would rather avoid all labels, but I also realize that avoiding general labels is nigh on impossible. We need words to talk about what we think, feel, and experience. But I do maintain to all my clients that in end, labels are just words that kind lump some patterns or expectations together. Labels cannot define all of who we are.

Generally speaking, if a person seems open to considering a label like empath, psychic, HSP, or even medium, I encourage their exploration of what that label means to them. If they are in denial, I can usually agree that a label is a label is a label, meaning that it’s just a word. I also ask them to consider that no one label is going to cover it all. There are people who consider themselves Christian Witches no matter how dichotomous that might seem to others. There is no one who can honestly say one is bad or “doing it wrong” if you are both a person who works with the shadow self AND is also happy, or if one a healer AND also experience strong emotions. In the world of spirit is room for “AND thinking”.

So are you a HSP, a psychic, medium, or empath? Only you can answer that with any certainty. I tend to think most people have some kind of innate sensitivity. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything more than recognizing that part of you. But other feel called to only understand that side, but also to align with it as their vocation in life. Sure there are signs, like a certain glow about a high energy person, or even small signs like precognitive dreams or gut feelings. But then again, sometimes the real ability is so innate it’s hard to pin down with talking to another who has similar experiences. It took 21 years, or so, to understand I wasn’t just making up conversations in my head when the house quieted down for the night. For 21 years, it never really occurred to me that other sensitives might also be to tap into the conversations I thought I was making up. But once I knew, I knew. There was no more resistance. No need for external validation. I simply and peacefully knew the truth of it.

I knew I was soul that was highly connected and attuned to the Divine and the Universe. No more, no less. It didn’t come to down what labels with which I was comfortable. The point at which I knew I was more, relied upon being centered into the connection I was just learning I held. I am an entity of energy, who sees and reacts to the energy of other and the world around me. Not only am I larger than my challenges and feelings, I am larger than one label can convey.

No matter which labels you resonate with, make sure you are being YOU, all of YOU!

How do you know you are highly connected to the Divine and the Universe? Tell me how you receive guidance about this in the comments below!!