Cool resources for finding your self-acceptance

self acceptance resourcesLet’s talk about self acceptance! Ask yourself, when was the last time you felt good about how you look, who you are, or even proud of your life or job? Do you love who you are? You are responsible for how you feel about you.  No excuses. Good advise aside, it doesn’t matter if mom or dad didn’t approve or thought they knew better than you did.  It doesn’t really matter if an ex-date didn’t like your hair, your paycheck, or your car. You are the only who can make the choices that will enable to you live a life you can be proud of, to take care of and maintain a body you love to live in, or even being able to think about planning the next steps in your amazing life. In the end, no one else’s opinion matters, but your own.  No one can change your life, but you. Can you accept your own authority? Can you accept your feelings? Can you accept yourself, as you are right now? Because that’s where it all starts, that’s what you need as your foundation for building a life from which you could continually feel excited and blessed. And that is what this weeks Super Secret Powers Power-ups are all about!

Since we’re taking this week to take a deeper look at where you might still be trying to deny something about yourself, your feelings, and your intuition, here are some resources to help you have a breakthrough!


  • The wonderful miss Oprah  has a quiz and 10 day self-acceptance plan on her website !  It’s really an awesome place to start assessing where you need a little more acceptance and confidence in you! Try it here!


  • The woman in this Ted Talk for teens really has it! Take a look at this 10 min talk, she’s giving to a room of teens! Do you think you can do what she’s asking?



  • Here is an awesome meditation to help you move past your shame, fear of rejection, and guilt!

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