A quick guide to bringing desire into your life

dodinsky 6 (2)This power-up is all about the DESIRE. Desire isn’t only about sex and romance. Desire is about wanting, longing, aching for something. It contains the seeds for life purpose, our Super Secret Powers. Desire is one of the powers of Love, potent, exhilarating, and always heart-felt. But it can consume us, if we let it. It can be innocent, but it can also be wild. What is your relationship to your deep, soulful, intense desires?

Let’s translate some of those desires into some real goal or intentions for your life.  Remember all goals, plans, steps, life visions, and action plans should be based on your core desires. They are the foundation of your super-hero self, they will lead you to your Super Secret Powers!  This plan should focus not only on uncovering your desires, but also how to you can move in alignment with your desires and how to maintain a powerful and desirous life.  Remember to include back up plans for when things go wry.

What is a little different about approaching planning from this level of self is that, wants and desires can be fluid, they can change. So this type of planning and life attuning or aligning should be done with some frequency, like every 6 months or every year!

Take a look at the worksheet and this week’s video, as they both offer a lot of ideas and resources that can help you start a plan to live life from your desires.

Take your core desires from the worksheet and your intentions and fill out this interactive tool with your responses!  Once you are done, hit submit! A copy of your plans and details will be sent to your inbox!


You can also download the action plan work sheets, and if you need help filling them out or making your life-changing goals, book an Intuitive Life Coaching Session!  Download your worksheet packets here!