May Cause Miracles Day 2: Become Willing

I am willing, even if I experience fear as well. One challenge I currently have is that I cannot fully envision where I want to go, what my goals would really be like at the end. So the idea of being willing to change as a blanket statement triggers more than a little fear in me. I fear having done work and having been so invested, for a rarely skimp on giving something my all, that I will find my goal was not wanted in the first place.

On this day, Gabby also speaks about getting to the point where you an clearly hear your ~ing (inner guide) through surrender. While I cannot see the results I am aiming for in my mind’s eye, I can certainly hear wisdom and my guides. I am willingly committed to a process of becoming, and I am being encouraged along even without validation. By staying willing in the moment, I am inching my way, step by step, toward an end goal that perhaps I cannot even begin to imagine or believe from this here and now. And while scary, and sometimes I feel a crazy for trusting, in the moment there is no doubt. I feel the flow. I feel the guidance. And I am more than willing because it feels good be in this place.

But, I am human. I have my moments of resistance, of fear, of doubt. They are just moments, but what helps me shift away from resistance is by getting curious. I am curious by nature. But once I turn the obstacle thinking into “what is it going to take” thinking my guidance and intuition kick back in.

In addition to Gabby’s affirmations, today I am adding….

Today I will be curious about what it will take for me to be present while still making progress. Click To Tweet


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