May Cause Miracles: Day 1 Witnessing Fear

Today’s reading is all about learning to get comfortable and courageous so that we can willingly witness our fear and the effects of our fear in our lives.

For me most fears boil down to feelings of not enoughness or unworthiness. All my choices from how I approach making dinner (settling for something I’m not thrilled to make) to business planning (playing small when I should be upping my game) are touched by this root fear.

What root fears do you experience? What do a lot of your mini-fears seem to always go back to?

What feelings overcome me when I experience fear?

I know I am in fear when I can’t think straight, I have trouble making decisions. Depending on the kind of fear, sometimes it manifests as a shortness of breath, an upset stomach, or just really tense muscles, especially the neck and shoulders. I have a tendency to try and carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, 🙄 . What I notice the most about feeling fear is that it makes me feel worse, and I can see clearly that this is ego’s way of making the fear feel more real. But when I go back to basic lessons of learning to discern my body’s intuitive signals, I can see that it’s my body in disagreement with my thinking, not my body agreeing how bad I am or the situation is.

How does fear affect my behavior?

If I don’t catch the fear thoughts, they will spiral and I will become more and more emotional. And I can see that I will also fall deeper and deeper into the fear illusion. Everything will seem worse and feel worse.

If I do catch it before the spiral starts, I am able to stick to the facts better, comfort myself better, and love myself better. I feel better all around, more powerful in the moment to make clearer choices. I can relax and better receive the guidance that is trying to come through.


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